The Right to Marriage

By: Bailey Denker


  • Men and women have the right to marry and start a family.
  • Race, ethnicity, or religion should not affect marriage.
  • Men and women have the same rights when they are married
  • No one, not even the government, should be able to force someone into marriage.
  • Marriage is a fundamental right of all individuals.
  • Marriage customs may vary from country to country but the government needs to protect your right to marriage.


  • The right to marriage is one of the most talked about rights in congress right now.
  • Thousands of people are denied the right to get married right here in America.
  • Women are sold into marriage by their families.
  • Millions of girls under 18 are being forced to get married.

Love is blind. Color, race, and culture do not matter.

Government shouldn't tell you whom to marry -Michael Bloomberg

How you can help

You don't have to try to change marriage problems throughout the entire world, you can make a difference right here in america.

You can join organizations to help people right here in america get marriage


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