Natural Resources


Where it's from

We mine mainly in the Territories and Prairies. In the Yukon, we find gold, lead, and silver. In Saskatchewan we find the most uranium in the world with an annual production of 8.2 million kg. Large amounts of potash can also be mined in Saskatchewan, with potash being our largest nonmetallic mineral export and source of income and economy growth.

Who is the largest trading partner?

The largest export trading partner is the United States, 75% of our minerals go to the United States. The other trading partners are the UK, Germany, Korea, Mexico, China, Japan, The Neatherlands and much more.

Is it renewable?

Minerals are non-renewable resources. These types of resources can run out and connot replenish in a persons lifetime, in fact it takes the non-renewable resources many thousands of years to form underground.

It's value

With the mining of metallic minerals in Canada, millions of dollars have been earned with gold being our top contributor. In respect to nonmetallic minerals, potash is our top contributor, and diamonds are our second
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