The Power of Music

What does music do for you?

Research Questions

1. How can music affect us?

2. What type of music should we listen to?

3. Who does music effect?

4. How does music impact us daily?

5. When should we listen to music?

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Summary of Research

The power of music is very important in our daily lives. Most people with busy lives find music a distraction, but music could actually be helping them with their stressful, busy lives. Music will give you all sorts of emotions. This website says, ¨Music. It makes us smile; it excites us and makes us dance; it brings us to tears. A simple piece can bring back a memory in full relief; we actually feel we’re there. And it can change our mood within minutes – or instantaneously. ¨ As said, music can change your mood from sad to happy in a matter of minutes. So why not use it? If you are in a sad, lonely mood, use music to lift you up and make your day better! If you are in a crazy mood, you’re rushing everywhere and are super stressed, listen to peaceful, calm music so you can get the things done you need to. Music affects everyone, from adults to infants, this website says, ¨ Studies show that infants prefer "consonant intervals, the smooth-sounding ones that sound nice to our Western ears in a chord, as opposed to a jarring combination of notes.¨ In other words, infants enjoy music too, it calms them, but, there is a certain type of music they should be listening too. Not one that you would play at a party that is loud and practically bursts your eardrums, but one that is soothing to listen to and it has a smooth beat that will calm them. Try starting your day off with some happy music! You might just have a better day. You could even listen to uplifting music throughout the day when you get a chance. It will keep you positive and happy always!

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