Montevious Stevenson

History of Adoption

Adoption has been around since the beginning of civilization, people have devised ways to provide orphaned or abandoned children with new families (Adoption 1). Adoption was a very simple process there were no legal documents or people coming to your house because someone said you were an unfit parent. Adoption agencies took over the adoption process in the mid-1900s (Adoption 1).

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Open and Closed Adoption

Open and Closed adoption are a major part of adoption. Open adoption give the biological mother a little say in where there child will be placed. They will also be able to maintain a relationship with their child. Closed adoption doesn't give the mother any say in the placement in the process. Fathers had no say in the adoption process until the 1970s.

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International Adoption

International Adoption also plays a key role in adoption. International adoption is when you adopt a kid from another country. This kind of adoption are almost always closed adoption and some kids never get to meet there family. These kids will not get to learn anything about their culture or the country they came from.

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My opinion

I think people that are financially stable and are in the right mind set should be able to adopt minors.
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