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Counselor's Corner: Week of December 15th-19th

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Why? It's almost time for winter break! We'll get a chance to recharge our batteries, visit with family and friends, and most importantly, relax!

This week...

This upcoming week, Ms. Rogers' class will be relocated to my room due to the classroom changes that will be going on. My classes and groups will be canceled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as a result.

I will be in meetings all day on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday, I will be out of the building in the morning. I will be chaperoning the performers at WINN ACH.

If anyone is interested in making up a class that will not be held as a result of the temporary relocation, Friday morning is a possibility! Just send me an email to let me know!

The Winter Wonderland event on Thursday has been canceled due to lack of participation.

The Student of the Month awards will be combined with January. Please get in your December names!

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Group and Classroom Counseling for December 15th-19th

Monday, December 15th

11:30 Mrs. Fox's Class

12:00 Lunch Bunch (5th Grade)

1:30 Mrs. Poole's Class

2:00 Mr. Kingsbury's Class

2:30 Mrs. DeLoach's Class

Tuesday, December 16th

SST & Attendance Meetings

Wednesday, December 17th

Thursday, December 18th

Attendance Meetings

Friday, December 19th