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August - September 2014

Welcome Back!

  • The LMC has been genre-fied! Color-coded book sections make for easier browsing. 12 different literary genres are represented, plus Graphic Novels & Narrative Nonfiction.
  • Over 550 books were checked out during the first week of school, mostly in the Sci Fi & Graphic Novel genres.
  • Our first Literary Lunch of the year, focusing on Favorite Authors, attracted over 35 6th graders!
  • Many exciting new books appeared on library shelves based on student interests: Horror, Romance, & Sports sections were expanded.

What's Happening in the LMC so far?

So far, we've collaborated with:

  • 6th grade Pods for Library Orientations - Students take a tour of the library, meet Mrs. Magro, & check out books!
  • Music classes - 7th graders research classical composers, 8th graders learn about Jazz, Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock 'n' Roll, Romantic, 20th Century, Reggae, & Blues
  • 8th grade Honors classes for Science Fair & History Day
  • Pods 1 & 3 were introduced to this year's PA Young Reader's Choice Awards books
  • All 8th grade students came in for book selection with their Language Arts classes
  • Ms. Torpey's classes came in to choose Historical Fiction or Narrative Nonfiction books for a choose-your-own-topic quick project
  • Ms. Busteed's 7th grade LAP class made origami bookmarks & showed off their knowledge of literary genres
  • Mrs. Veseli's Language Arts class presented book talks on recent reads

COMING SOON: Our Fall Book Fair!

This year's fair will be sponsored by Let's Play Books in Emmaus, meaning we can customize it to fit Eyer's reading personality! Let me know if you have any specific requests for titles (for you, your family, or our students!)

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