6 Integrity

Dec. 2, 2022

Welcome to 6 Integrity!!

Important Reminders:

Dec. 12th - Late Start

Dec. 21st - End of 2nd Quarter

Dec. 22nd - Jan. 3rd - No School

Holiday Donations

As we approach the holidays, the counseling office at Hixson has identified families in need of support. Our team is collecting gift cards to Target, Walmart, Schnucks, and gas stations to donate to these families. Cash donations will also be accepted and will be used to purchase gift cards. Gift cards of any denomination are welcome.

To encourage donations, we are going to have a friendly competition among Statesmen Time classes; the class with the most donations will enjoy a donut party to celebrate.

If you would like to donate cash or gift cards to support our families in need, please send them in with your child by Dec 15. Thank you for your support! Happy holidays!

Note about Grades

Though many may have already seen the Hixson grade policies, now that a few assignments/assessments are starting to be recorded in each class, now is probably a good time to point out a few key pieces of information.

*Official grades in all classes are kept in SIS, and not in Canvas.

*All classes use an 80% summative assessment, 20% formative assessment. This means tests and key curricular assessments are worth 80% of students’ grade. Smaller quizzes, daily check ins or assignments, and possibly homework is worth 20%

*As Quarter 2 begins, please remember that it is the Semester grade that is the official grade. When only a few formative assignments are entered in for Quarter 2, they have a lot of weight on the Quarter 2 grade but not a lot on the Semester 1 grade.


Through conferences we heard that was some trouble with getting on as an observer for your student. Below are the documents that will help you walk through it. The main thing you need to do is your student has to go to Canvas to create an access code. If you are still having problems, then you will need to contact Tim Brown.

Create a Canvas Observer Account to Stay Connected

To stay connected with the learning in our classrooms, please create a Canvas Observer Account which is our district's learning management system. You will find three helpful documents below:

  1. Canvas Informational Letter
  2. Creating an Observer Account, Logging into Canvas, and Setting Notifications
  3. Student Accessing Canvas

If you have any questions please contact Tim Brown, Director of Student Assessment, Data and Learning Technologies at brown.tim@wgmail.org

6 Integrity Student of the Week

In each newsletter, we will recognize a student who exemplifies our school values, especially our team value of integrity.

This week we recognize Caroline Knaup. Caroline puts forth extraordinary effort every day in all of her classes. She asks questions and actively helps others when they need it. Her positive attitude is infectious to all around her. Way to go, Caroline!

ELA: Ms. Duncan

Email: duncan.mallory@wgmail.org

Phone: 314-963-6450 ex-14101

Ms. Duncan’s syllabus can be found: HERE

Dec. 5-16

We will publish our Theme Literary Essays on December 8. Please ask your student to read theirs.

We will then read a short class novel (to be determined) to end the semester.


Theme Literary Essays due December 8.


  • Read for 20 minutes daily. All students should read at least one novel outside of school each month.

  • December books are due January 4.


Email: gibson.bryan@wgmail.org

Phone:314-963-6450 ex-14201

Mr. Gibson’s syllabus can be found HERE

December 5 - 16

The Ratios and Unit Rates summative test will be scored this week. Look for a revision opportunity next week. This was a more challenging assessment for most due to the increased need to read and understand the language associated with ratios and rates.

Our next unit will incorporate percentages into our set of math skills. The biggest hurdles here include an understanding of place value (decimals) and an understanding of fractions. A suggestions for all is to create some simple flash cards - one side has a common/benchmark percent value, and the other has its equivalent fraction or decimal. The most useful values are on this chart.


Monday through Thursday - 20 minutes of assigned math practice / task completion. If “stuck” write questions that Mr. Gibson can help with the next day.

Science: Mrs. Rodriguez

Email - rodriguez.lisa@wgmail.org

Phone - 314-963-6450 ex-14103

Mrs. Rodriguez’s syllabus can be found: HERE

Dec. 5 - 16

Students completed work on Module 3 - Plate Tectonics and completed the assessment last Friday. Between now and Christmas we plan to complete Module 4 - Internal and External Processes and the Rock Cycle..


The summative assessment for this module will be on Tuesday 12/20.


The only homework for these weeks will be to complete any assignment not completed in class.


Please remember, once the summative test for a module has been taken, students can no longer submit homework or classwork assignments for that module.

Social Studies: Mrs. Mangrich

Email - mangrich.sara@wgmail.org

Phone - 314-963-6450 ex-14100

Mrs. Mangrich’s syllabus can be found: HERE

Dec. 5th-16th

We will be working on our Immigrant Drawing Summative Project most of this week. Students will have 3 days in class to work on this project. It is due Friday.

At the end of the week, we will start our next unit on Industrial Revolution. Most of this unit will be taught through a menu of activities. Students will have more freedom on what they focus on each day. It will be important for them to focus and manage their time so all assignments are done on time. We will be learning about: Child Labor, the Pros/Cons, and about Robber Barons and Captions of Industry.

All of this will lead into another summative project where students will be researching about inventions that were invented during this time.


Immigrant Drawing Summative Project due Friday, Dec. 9th

Industrial Revolution Menu due Dec. 16th

Shark Tank Summative Project Due Dec. 21st

Overdue -

Ellis Island Edpuzzle

Ellis vs. Angel Island Formative Check-in

Contact Us!

Mallory Duncan - ELA

duncan.mallory@wgmail.org; 314-963-6450 ex-14101

Sara Mangrich - Social Studies

mangrich.sara@wgmail.org; 314-963-6450 ex-14100

Lisa Rodriguez - Science

rodriguez.lisa@wgmail.org; 314-963-6450 ex-14103

Bryan Gibson - Math

gibson.bryan@wgmail.org; 314-963-6450 ex-14201