by Jessica Lomas

Country's area

  • The total area is 1,964,375 square km.
  • The water area is 20,430 sq km and the land area is 1,943,945 sq km. . The country's comparison to the world is at number 14.
  • Some of the natural resources that come from here are petroleum,silver,gold,copper,lead,zinc,natural gas, and timber
  • Some of the land is used to grow maize ,which is one of the world's major grain crops, originated in Mexico

In one of the pictures below,it shows the comparison between the country and the U.S.A.

Population of the country

  • The Country is also divided into states,thus causing the name of Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States)
  • The population is estimated to be at 120.8 million as of 2012
  • The majority of people are Roman Catholic,which could lead to the spread of the Catholic faith to other people globally.
  • 92.7% of the people speak a Spanish called Castellano and some people speak indigenous languages (these include Mayan or other regional languages)
  • Statistics show that as of 2010, the most highly populated state in Mexico is the Distrito Federal (Federal District) it has a population density of 5,936.8 people per square kilometer. This is where the Capitol is,and by looking at the amount of people there,the government jobs there could be very high,and people get their opinion on their country's government there and could lead to building a stronger government

How well educated is the population?

  • According to statistics, most male and females over the age of 15 can read an write.
  • 94.8% of the male population can read and write,and 92.3% of the female population can read and write.
  • They are taught basic skills and knowledge,so they also stay well informed about politics and other government manners.

How large and well equipped are the armed forces?

  • If a person is 18 they join by requirement or law
  • If the person is only 16 years old,they can join if they have permission to volunteer
  • Women are also eligible to join
  • All Air Force and Navy are volunteer jobs
  • The military and armed forces are not the biggest ,but it is extremely important to the country's security because they are always helping stop the smugglers or criminals into jeopardizing the safety of the Mexican citizens, and they keep order throughout the country

What are the country's physical features?

  • Some of the features in Mexico include mountains,dry desert areas,plateaus,costal plains, and some farms to grow different fruits and vegetables
  • 12.98% of the land is usable to grow crops and only 1.36% is used for permanent crops
  • 64,600 sq km is used for as irrigated land, most likely because most of the land can be very dry.
  • These physical features are important to the country because they can provide natural resources that increase and improve the country's economy

How productive is the country's economy?

  • They have a free market economy in the trillion dollar class
  • Mexico's share of US imports has increased from 7% to 12% ever since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was passed in 1994,and share of Canadian imports has increased to 5.5%
  • Some of the agriculture includes corn,wheat,soybeans,rice,beans,coffee,cotton,fruit,tomatoes,beef, and poultry products
  • The estimated unemployment rate in the country is about 4.9% and in comparison to the world, Mexico is 44
  • Mexico does a lot of trading with the USA,causing the people to understand the different currency types,so they make very good trading partners with each other,causing the economy to boost