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Update - August 2012

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Hello dear family, Shalom!!!

We have many good things to share about what God is doing.

At the beginning of this month, God suprised us with the the news that Leo, a boy whom we met during our time serving in the favela in Rio de Janeiro last year, got accepted to the Harvest School in Mozambique run by Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries.

The favela is a place of violence and poverty, run by drug dealers, and a place of constant danger where children are left to fend for themselves and grow up with little or no hope of the future.

For a boy living in this reality, and with no financial resources at all, this is such a miracle! It is amazing to to see how God's divine destiny and plan for His children, and faith in His words can break off strongholds of poverty and inferiority. Everything changes and is transformed, the past is broken, and future rewritten when we decide to step out of the boat and walk on water with Jesus. :)

Leo is going to the Harvest School this September, and will be trained up as a missionary in the 3 months that he is there. This is just the beginning of the dreams we have for one of the darkest places in Brazil, the favelas - for people who have been forgotten, people like Leo.

Love Nations Viagens - Our Travel Agency

We started operations for our travel agency - Love Nations Viagens last Friday! It focuses on solutions for corporate and leisure tourism both in Brazil and internationally.

We have talked about the spheres of influence in a society in our previous updates. God is giving the Church this strategy of raising up and equipping the saints to occupy strategic places in the areas of influence in a nation to bring about societal transformation, aligned with the Kingdom of heaven.

As missionaries, we have spent our time working the ground, going to the poor, sharing the good news. But now, more that ever, we also feel that there is a need of social transformation. And this happens when we, the body of Christ, position ourselves in the spheres of society and exercise heavenly influence on the earth.

The travel agency is a strategy which God has given us as a first step towards this, where we can employ people, train and teach them, transfer skills, and prepare them for the destiny that God has given them. In addition, we are able to develop sustainable mission work where the finances raised up from the company will be used to keep ongoing mission projects running; train, send out and support missionaries; and for the mission field in general.
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Mozambique Trip in December

Our hearts are looking forward to the upcoming Mozambique Trip in partnership with Rolland and Heidi Baker. In particular, Heidi is very excited about this project because we will have a bigger team this year, and will therefore be able to reach more orphans in the bush with the food distribution.

We would love for you to partner with us and Heidi once again to share not just the good news but to manifest the goodness, the provision and the love of the father to these dear little ones.

You can join us! Come to Mozambique, donate financially, or partner with our ministry team in prayer.

Watch this video below where Heidi speaks about love in action, and ask God how you can contribute to this project!
Stop For The One - Iris Ministries

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