Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

January 9, 2018

Welcome Back!!

These first two days have been perfect! The kids came back rested but ready and the teachers were the same. This part of the year always amazes me. It is when things really speed up.

We have some "large group," learning activities coming up that are a little different. The first is an activity we started back in November with the grade 4-6 students. This activity time referred to as "Thinkers Club" (student named) focuses on two main objectives- Teamwork, and Problem Solving. With activities that change each week, students are arranged in a variety of groups and solve problems from small personal type problems to world-class problems. For example, this week students will learn about the concept of limited resources while function as a team. I will include pictures and maybe even some video on our facebook page as examples.

The other large group activity involves the K-3 students. We are referring to this time as "Campfire time." Students will have an opportunity to learn in a multi-age setting about personal character, stories with morals, teamwork, and having fun just being silly with camp songs.

Parents are always welcome to join in during any of these activities. Just let us know you are coming. (You will have to check in as a volunteer. Please be sure to fill out the volunteer application on line. http://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/employment.aspx?id=19556

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PTO Needs More Blood

I was going to say that our PTO needs new blood, but the blood they have is excellent. The only problem is that our officers will be moving on next year. We could really use some new folks to step up and keep this great organization going. The PTO is a huge part of what makes Tustumena Elementary special. Thank you to the folks that are currently serving on the PTO. You Rock!!

Coming Events


11- Thinkers Club, grades 4-6- 1:30-2:30

12- Campfire- grades K-3 - 2:15-3:15

15- No School- MLK

16- PTO Meeting - 4pm

16- Quarterly Assembly - 2:30

18- Thinkers Club, grades 4-6- 1:30-2:30

19- Campfire- grades K-3 - 2:15-3:15

23- Lynx Track Skating- Granger, Bosick, Roy

23- Cross Country Skiing begins- See Mr. Michael for permission slip

24- Lynx Track Skating- Hopkins, Gossett, Werner

25- Lynx Track Skating- Mills, Michael

25- Thinkers Club, grades 4-6- 1:30-2:30

26- Campfire- grades K-3 - 2:15-3:15

29- Site Council - 4pm

29-Feb.2- Pre Kindergarten Registration


1- Thinkers Club, grades 4-6- 1:30-2:30

2- Campfire- grades K-3 - 2:15-3:15

6- Battle of Books- Grades 3-4

7- Early Release - 2:05

8-9- Parent/Teacher Conferences- No School

13- Battle of Books- Grades 5-6

14- 5th grade to Challenger Center- 9-12:30

20- PTO Meeting 4pm

24- (Saturday) District Forensics Match 10-12:30

27- Skyview Middle School Counselors visit 6th Grade


9- No School - Inservice Day

12-16- Spring Break

20- PTO meeting 4pm

26- Site Council Meeting 4pm

29- Lynx Track K-1 to Jumpin Junction