Gifted: Virtual Summer Options

Camps and Enrichment!

Summer Camps: Virtual Options

With summer just around the corner, many students (and parents!) are longing for the yearly experiences summer camps offer. Whether new content, new friendships, or new experiences, summer camps offer students amazing opportunities for growth and discovery.

Faced with the current COVID crisis, many summer camps are quickly adjusting and adapting, creating virtual options! For an ever-growing list of virtual summer camps (shared by gifted educators from across the state), click here.

Guiding the Gifted Through Trying Times

Trying times can -- sometimes -- be especially difficult for gifted students. With this in mind, the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has published an excellent guide to help parents (and educators) navigate today's tricky social-emotional waters, discussing crisis responses by age/ developmental stage and offering tips for managing stress and strain. These tips offer research-based wisdom for students, educators, and families alike. Click here for the guide!

Gifted: Opportunities to Connect and Grow!

As we work through the joys and challenges of online learning, it may be helpful to connect with others also seeking new ways to stretch and spark students' thinking. Below are upcoming opportunities the MRESC is offering for virtual collaboration and growth in gifted education:

Gifted Education Resources ~ Links to resources for every academic area, as well as ideas for enrichment. Click here!

Virtual Coordinator Meetings ~ On Mondays at 11am , join Gifted Coordinators across the region to collaborate and share how we're navigating the opportunities and challenges of these unprecedented times. Zoom link: Password: COVID19

Virtual GIS Meetings ~ On Wednesdays at 10am, join fellow GIS's to share strategies, opportunities, and best practices discovered during this online learning journey. Zoom Link: Password: COVID19

GT Chats ~ 30-minute individualized sessions to discuss any / all things gifted! Bring your questions about students; desires for differentiation; or great ideas! To chat, simply click the link and choose your time slot! Click to schedule a chat!

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