Mrs. Hopgood's 4th Grade Newsletter

Classroom Edition - Week #13, 11/17/2014

Important Information and Dates!!!!

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY GIFTS and WELL WISHES that I received from my sweet students and their families!!! I felt like a queen.

Life Principle of the Week--Thankfulness

Definition: Thankfulness is the act of being thankful, glad.

The most important prayer in the world is two long words. "THANK YOU"

Meister Eckehart

Nov 20--Cafeteria--Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 21--Kinder & 1st Thanksgiving Feast


Dec 1st- 5th - Mrs. Hopgood's Class will be conducting Jump Start all week

Dec 5--5th Grade Field Trip

Dec 12--4th Grade Field Trip to State Capitol--Austin

Dec 16--Chavez Choir Performance

Dec 18--Polar Express Day

Dec 19--Early Release Day 11:30 am

Dec 22- Jan 5 Christmas Holidays

Jan 6--Staff Development

Jan 8--Report Cards Go Home

Jan 9--Nine Weeks Awards Assembly

What We are Learning This Week!!!

Math - Angles, Lines, Shapes, Using a Protractor - Math Test - Friday, Nov. 21

Science - Geology - Soils, renewable and non-renewable resources

Writing -Writing Narratives - Pre planning a paper, editing, conferencing with other writers for ideas, details, details, details, making revisions, and final drafts.

ELAR - Language Arts - Analogies, Fact and Opinion, Inferencing

Reading -Informational Text - Text Structures, Main Idea, Summary.

Social Studies - Explorers in Texas. Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado, LaSalle, and Missions.