Sigmund Freud

Father of Psychoanalysis

What is he famous for?

He created a clinical method for treating psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst. he formulated the Oedipus complex and created the entire field of psychoanalysis.

How did their research affect psycological thought?

he completely revolutionized how the western world thinks of the mind and human behavior and was the first European to investigate the idea of an unconscious. he also invented the term psychoanalyst which is widely used in the field of psyhcology today

Freud's affect on the average person?

Freud believed that dreams are expressions of the most primitive unconscious urges. This means that what we dream about is what we really desire and want.
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How was their research affected by the time period in which they lived?

He was biased in his work because he believed that women were inferior so he only did much research mostly on men so he only got about 50% of the data which could change the original results of his research.