Play nice online

What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is proper manners on the internet, especially when chatting, and posting. Following the rules of Netiquette can prevent you from unintentionally offending someone or making a fool of yourself!

Netiquette Rules

  1. Use Computer Courtesy - Be courteous and respectful of others online. Always remember the Golden Rule!
  2. Use Emoticons - When communicating online, the writer's expression or emotion is difficult to determine. By using emoticons, the writer's proper emotion will be clear.
  3. Be Brief Online - It is important to keep messages short, Use common chat abbreviations or acronyms but only when you are sure the other person knows them.
  4. DON’T SHOUT - Writing in all capital letters is considered SHOUTING and is considered very rude.
  5. Don't use bad language - Improper, inappropriate or bad language may get a participant kicked out or permanently banned from a forum or group.
  6. Obey Copyright Laws - Obey copyright laws. Don’t steal!
  7. Help Internet Newbies - Be patient and helpful with others. Remember, everyone was a newbie once.