VCR 10 Presentation

Jonathon Walls

Though the following images of Meredith McNairy may seem (...word...) and too good to be true, they are the real deal.


adj. False; counterfeit; doubtful, especially in authorship or authenticity

Roots: APO <G. "away from" KRUPTEIN <G "to hide"

Other Forms: apocrypha (n.) Apocrypha (n.)

Note: Used with a capital letter, Apocrypha refers specifically to 14 ancient texts whose inclusion in the Bible is a topic of disagreement. Authorized by the Roman Catholic Church but were omitted by the Protestant Bibles and the Hebrew texts.

Choose which sentence uses the word incorrectly.

1. In one of Disney Channel's most iconic movies, Big Fat Liar, a movie director takes apocryphal ownership of a teenage boy's school essay and turns it into a movie script. To retaliate the boy pours blue paint into the man's pool, thus turning the man blue (da ba dee, da ba die).

2. Many a time, tweeters will find a funny tweet in their news feed and recreate an apocryphal version of it, typing it as if their own and posting it again to get more favorites.

3. The super model tried to convince the publisher of the All Nat-chural magazine that her photo was apocryphal, though it contained a sickening amount of filters and Photoshop.

4. In one episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kimberly Kardashian proves to her h8ters that she doesn't have Gluteus Maximus implants and her derriere is not apocryphal. She is later quoted stating "I will never do my [bum]- I mean, how would you sit down?"