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Friday, May 1st


Chapter 11, which consists of probability, will begin on Monday. We will also have our end of the year test on Wednesday the 13th and also on Thursday the 14th ( it is quite long). This will not be for a grade but rather to see what skills we can review in the last few weeks. I will send the test home before the end of the year. Chapter 11 is our last official chapter so the remainder of the year will all be review, so less homework will probably come in terms of math.

In the picture students work together on finding the mean, median, and mode of their waist to floor measurements.

May is Very Busy- Dates to Remember


Friday the 8th- Mother/Son beach party

Sunday the 10th- Mother's Day

Thursday the 14th - Shark Dissection training for parent volunteers after school

Friday the 15th- Zionsville Walking Tour field trip

Tuesday the 19th- Shark Dissection at 1:30

Friday the 22nd- Once Upon a Cure

Monday the 25th- No School

Thursday the 28th- 3rd grade yearbook signing

Friday the 29th- McDaniel Auction


Monday the 1st- Awards day and third grade picnic

Follow Mrs. McDaniel to Kenya

Back in November I submitted a Lilly Endowment Teacher Creative Grant and I got it. This summer I will be traveling to Kenya for 12 days to fulfill a dream of mine. I will be visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is an elephant orphanage. I will also be visiting an elephant research center as well as participate in several game drives through national parks. I am beyond excited. I have created a blog to upload photos and to document my experiences. I would love for the class to follow me. Next year my new third graders will learn all about my trip as I incorporate my experiences into specialties. All you need to do is click on the link and sign up. An email will then be sent to you once I have uploaded my blog. I do know that I will have some Wi-Fi access while staying at several locations, so some of my posts may be delayed until I can get to an internet connection. My husband and I will be leaving June 13th. Prayers for a safe travel will be greatly appreciated.

below is the address to sign up for the blog.


Tuesday, May 5th – 1:40-2:18

Math: 3b

Wednesday, May 6th – 10:15-11:12

English/Language Arts: 4a

Thursday, May 7th- 11:20- 12:17 - Mrs. Largent or Mrs. Farley will proctor test

English/ Language Arts: 4b

Friday, May 8th – 10:15- 11:07 - Mrs. Largent or Mrs. Farley will proctor test

English/Language Arts: 5a

Monday, May 11th- 11:15- 12:07

English/Language Arts: 5b


Students are loving the shark information. Some students already have many of the parts memorized. Please practice at home too. The test will be on Tuesday, May 12th. Students will have the opportunity to retake the test if they score below a 67%. I have no fear that this will happen as we will review and review in class. I have also attached the study guide to my Canvas page if you need to print out another.

Below is the list of parents that have volunteered to assist with the shark dissection. Please email me if you are still interested. It would be ideal to have about 3-4 more parents so we can have 2 parent per group.

Amanda Waggoner

Andre Kohl

Keith Mullens

Steve Hanson

Wendy Zeeb

Penny Parker

Leticia Velazquez

Cathy Rheinheimer



Students are finishing up their fairy tales, they are really great. We can't wait to share these with our first grade book buddies.

Our final writing format will be writing in the graphic writing genre. Many students love reading the graphic novels (these look like comic books) . To support our Once Upon a Cure theme, superheroes, we will be writing short graphic novels.


We will review our skills of the year during our stations.


We continue to focus on nonfiction text features.

Zionsville Walking Tour

Our field trip is on May 15th. Students and chaperones will need a sack lunch and wear comfortable shoes. If it is warm we ask that students also wear their jog-a-thon shirts.

Below are the parents who have volunteered to join us on the walking tour field trip. If I have missed someone, or you can no longer attend please let me know as soon as possible.

Kristy Eisenman

Oksana Mason

Chris Mingus

Jen Hanson

Mercedita Minter

Stephen Long

Penny Parker

Melanie Mullens

Cathy Rheinheimer

Sandy Fields

Auction Items

A big thanks for those who donated items for the McDaniel Auction. Keep them coming! A few more and we should be great!

Constructive Criticism

Please don't forget to fill out the attached form, this helps me to plan for the next year.

Your feedback is much appreciated. If possible for you to fill out before the 7th of May that would be helpful. You might have to open the below form in your browser to work.