Ms. Craig and Mrs. King's News

Week of January 11th

What's going on in class?

This week in math we are working with mixed numbers and improper fractions. We are working through Topic 8, which includes adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Students should know how to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction and vice versa, We are still in our fierce competition with Mr. Peri's two math classes for most lessons passed on Think Through Math, and we have passed 606 so far as Ms. Craig and Mrs. King's classes. Wow! Logging on at home is a great way to help your student boost their math skills as well :) our next math test over Topic 8 will be on Wednesday, January 20th.

This week in science we are going over landforms. We are discussing weathering, erosion, and deposition. We are learning about sand dunes, glaciers, canyons and deltas. Science fair projects are due on January 14th for those who are participating.

In reading and social studies this week, we are discussing the Constitution. Students will participate in a mind mission tomorrow to help simulate the different perspectives present at the Constitutional Convention. Tomorrow, we will introduce the wax museum project. Students will come home with a selection form to be completed with a parent. Selections are first come, first serve. Students are taking a half unit reading test on Thursday, January 14th.

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1/14 Science Fair Projects Due/Half Unit Reading Test/PTA Meeting and Science Fair Awards

1/15 Frankford Field Trip

1/18 MLK Day- No School!

1/20 Topic 8 Math Test