Second Grade SUPER News

February 5, 2016

Highlights from Second Grade

This week we went into the LRC as a class and Mrs. Sayre helped us pick a biography to read independently. The collection of biographies is large enough that the students were able to pick something at their independent reading level. We asked that the person be born in America; and it was an important person to America. Pop stars and sports figures were not individuals we included in their selections. After we read and research, we will use Google Slides to make a presentation of our important American.


In Superkids we worked on the schwa sound for short a and short e. The schwa sound is the short u sound, but spelled with an a or an e. We also worked on position words which were our spelling words for the week. Superkids is constantly reviewing for the students, and we reviewed the suffix ful, the prefix un, and many contractions.

In Writing we continue composing opinion letters about a favorite book that we are reading. We are encouraging the students to write longer and stronger opinions about a character or a favorite part; and use evidence from the text to convince others about their opinions. They need to use words like I think, for example, and because to further explain their reasoning.

This week's letters in Cursive Handwriting were u, e, l, and h. The students seem eager to be learning cursive, and are so excited when we actually get to make words.

Don't forget that we are encouraging the students to read the list of Monarch books which can be found by clicking on the link below.

In School Visit

Mrs. White, third grade, invited us into her classroom this week to let her students show us what they have been working on in Genius Hour this quarter. This is a time when the students can work on something they feel passionate about - as in saving animals, saving the rain forest, inventing a new video game, or inventing a new way to make something.

The third graders loved showing off what they had done, and the second graders are already looking forward to next year and doing this.


This week we worked on counting up to subtract using an open number line, making a 10 or 100 to help us subtract, and decomposing to subtract. We love going to the Greg Tang site to play games while learning. It is on our web page so that your child can use it at home, along with many other choices. We add to this as we use them. Let your student show them to you!

In IXL your student can go to the following areas for subtraction:

H.1, H.2, H.4, H.6, H.8, and H.9

Below is a math group using the Kagan structure of Fan-N-Pick to practice Making 10 to Subtract.

Big image

Star Student

Danna was our star student this week. Danna was recently in Mexico visiting her grandparents. While she was there, she got a new puppy, a chihuahua. Donna says the puppy is little, white with a little brown, and very cute! Danna also told us about her little sister, Dorianna.

Our next Star Student is . . . Jaden !

AR Winners

The LRC began handing prizes out again this week for making 100% or more of your AR goal. We had one student this week, Connor, who, I believe, was the second one to make his goal in the whole school! Next week there will be more winners! Is your child reading each night?

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Miscellaneous Items

  • Report cards came home today in your student's Friday folder.
  • Conferences are Thursday, February 11, from 3 to 8 PM, and Friday February 12, from 11 AM to 4 PM. There is a half day of school on Thursday, and NO SCHOOL on Friday.
  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 15th, in observance of President's Day.
  • A class list is in the Friday folder for those who want to send Valentines.
  • The AR goals for the third quarter are also in the Friday folder.

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