With A Little Of Halo


D-day was the biggest invasion in world war II. it was all so the end of the Germans the allied send in 200,000 soldiers and 9,000 lost wounded or killed. in start of the attack they hot drop paratroops they carried M-1 Grand Rifle with 8-round clip cartridge belt with canteen hand grenades parachute and pack anti-flash headgear and gloves pocket compass machete .45 caliber Colt automatic pistol flares message book. it start at June 6 1944 the time they hit the beach was 6 in the morning. and and before Russians Spy's help the american on D-day they told the american what they had.




Map Of Hitler's Defense of D-day

American plan of D-Day

Prayer to the soldiers of D-day

MG-42 Machine Gun

This gun was a beast to the american's this gun is so fast that it waste 1,550 Rounds a minute. but it got a hot barrel real quick! and they can change the barrel it had alot of recoil so it was hard to aim even if a bipod was on. so the soldiers was trained to fire in bursts

753rd tank battalion

this tank battalion was a bunch of Sherman tanks that were modified and this tank battalion help the soldier on. D-day they blow trough Normandy but at Omaha the tanks sunk cause there was a storm that tipped the Shermans over.


This plane drop the two atomic bombs. this plane drop many bombs and it drop paratroops this plane was use during D-day it dropped. but touring the droppings 2.400 died, or capture. and the dropping happen 1:00 AM

What I Learned

In doing this project,I learned that

the people who think D-Day was easy, are wrong. I learned D-Day was a big horrible event to the soldier’s. If D-Day never came we may still be fighting and many lives would continue to be lost. The brave soldiers that went in and fought to the end are very proud to have fought the Germans defenses to stop the war. Yes, we lost a lot of lives because of D-Day, but at least we were able to stop the Nazis. :)

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