Voss Counseling Newsletter


Love to the Voss Community

The Voss Counseling Department would like to extend our gratitude to our Voss community and family. Since this is the season of love, we would like to remind you all that we love serving you and making Voss a happy place for students and their families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the counseling department for anything you may need!

Social Emotional Learning Skill Focus: Decision Making

During the third nine weeks, our SEL skill focus has been Decision Making. The counselors have enjoyed visiting classrooms to teach this important skill through their guidance lessons. This skill was an especially suitable topic of discussion, for students were using their decision making skills to assist them with the course selection process. We encourage you to have discussions at home centered around the importance of having strong decision making skills and, most importantly, emphasizing that decision making is a process.
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Upcoming Social Emotional Skill: Social Awareness

We are excited to share that our SEL skill focus for the fourth and final 9 weeks will be Social Awareness. We will be visiting classrooms and will focus our lessons around the understanding that Social Awareness is a person's capacity to interact with others in ways that show respect, tolerance, and cooperation.

2021-2022 Course Cards: Incoming 7th & 8th Graders

Last week, students were given their course cards for the 2021-2022 school year to complete and turn into the office. If your child did not receive a course card, please download the attached 7th and 8th grade course card, fill it out, and send it back to your child's counselor. We will be visiting our 6th and 7th graders during their PE/Athletic electives to review their course selections and enter them in our Choices360 system. If e-learners would like to meet with us, please send your counselor an email and we will coordinate a meeting time.

Mrs. Nipper: Last Names A-L: Denise.Nipper@boerneisd.net

Mrs. Vasquez: Last Names M-Z: Annalyne.Vasquez@boerneisd.net

If you would like a description of the middle school courses offered for the 2021-2022 school year, please visit the link provided below to check out BISD's Middle School Course Catalog.

Special Applications: Student Aide, PE Pals, & Yearbook

On Monday, February 1st, Student Aide, PE Pals, and yearbook applications were made available for pick up for all 7th grade students interested in being considered for these courses their 8th grade year. The deadline to turn in these applications is March 4, 2021. Please instruct your child to turn in these applications to the front office, or email them directly to their counselor. If your child is interested, tell them to swing by the front office to grab an application, or download the application(s) provided below. Please reach out to your counselors if you have an questions concerning these courses.

Freshman Courses: March 1-2

On March 1-2, high school counselors and the central office student support team will be visiting all 8th grade students to ensure that their freshman course selections are good to go! More information is to come for how this will work for our e-learners. We are excited for our 8th graders as they near this exciting time in their lives! If you have any questions, please contact your child's school counselor.

Course Planning & Scheduling Support from The Well

BISD counselors are here to help support families with planning and course selections for the 2021-2022 school year. Middle and high school students and/or their families may register for a 30 minute individual session with one of our professional school counselors. Meetings may be in person or virtual per the family request.

Please visit the attached smore link to register for an individual session.

Attention 8th Graders: Announcement from Champion HS Band & Color Guard

CHS will have an informational meeting held in their auditorium on May 3, 2021. For now, the start time is set for 6:30PM. A google meets option will be available for those that would like to attend remotely. This meeting is specifically for the parents of incoming CHS band and color guard members.

The first day of summer band will be July 26th. The CHS band department is currently working on a more detailed schedule, but students should plan on attending M-F approx. 8AM-4PM. These times will last until teacher in service begins and will then switch to meeting in the afternoons and evenings.

If your student is interested in CHS color guard, they do not expect students to have any prior experience coming into the program stating that they will train them for success once students start!

Please view the below Color Guard Recruitment Video if interested

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