Peek at the Week

Week of February 5-February 9

Weekly Message and Important Dates

Good Evening Seahawk Family! This is Principal Arrica DuBose with your weekly message for February 5-9.

  • Carpool begins at 7:25 am each day.

  • Safety Patrol Training will begin February 12.

  • Friday is school spirit day. Please wear your favorite Seawell shirt or our school colors. Show that Seahawk pride!:)

Thank you for your continued support of our school. We look forward to a fabulous week!

Seawell Family Nights

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming Seawell Family Nights:

  • Wednesday, February 14 - Root Cellar
  • Wednesday, March 14 - The Pig

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Important Dates


19 February School will be in session (No teacher workday)

Important Message about Carpool

Seawhawk Families,

Student safety is a priority at Seawell. Below are some updates and reminders regarding our morning drop off.

Updates and Reminders

1) Please drive slowly through the parking lot.

2) Please refrain from dropping your child off in the bus circle area. We have requested this for many weeks, but it is still being utilized for drop off. We will be blocking off this area with cones starting Monday, February 5. This rule is in place for your child’s safety. This area is not monitored by staff after buses arrive, as all staff members are monitoring children in other areas of the campus.

3) Please refrain from using cell phones while driving through the parking lot.

4) If you would like to exit your car, please make sure you are parked in a parking space.

5) To help us ensure lines move quickly, please have your child’s materials ready to promptly exit the vehicle when you arrive at school. If your children are not ready to leave the car, simply continue to a parking space, and walk them in.

6) Please look out for cars backing up out of spaces and merging from the drop off lane into the departing line of cars. We have two lanes that merge into one after car rider drop off. Please make sure it is clear before you pull out.

7) Allow yourself plenty of time. Carpool drop off begins at 7:25 am.

8) Children should be dropped off in time for them to arrive to their classrooms by 7:50am.

Thank you for your patience as we create effective systems and structures for our students. We appreciate you.