Oscar Romero

Ethan Salazar, Justin Strack, Ben Buren

Romero was a source of hope for the poor and for the oppressed of his country, working with them, taking their problems his own. Romero wrote and spoke emotionally and publicly of the need for Christians to work for justice, frequently faced with threat and danger from those who went against his ideas. He helped the poor gain hope and helped them fight for human rights. In his actions and words, Oscar demanded a peace that could only be found by ensuring people had access to basic needs and their rights upheld. He raised awareness globally about the people in his country who had been killed. Oscar Romero didn’t have anything left to offer his people except faith and hope.

Oscar would talk about the role of the Church and to offer his listeners hope that they would not suffer and die in vain. You should know that Romero helped all the poor. The poor had strong faith and hope with Romero preaching to them. We celebrate him on March 24th, which is also the day he was shot dead. I think the most important thing to know about Romero was he kept preaching to the poor even though he was wanted. Oscar Romero was born in Ciudad Barrios in El Salvador on August 15th, 1917. Romero has not been canonized yet. Romero went to public school at a young age, and after he finished school he was privately tutored until about age 12 or 13.

At the same time, Oscar’s father had been teaching Oscar how to become a carpenter. Romero is known for speaking out for the poor and the abused after seeing many violations of human rights. He is also known for telling soldiers to disobey orders on shooting innocent citizens. Romero had a large family which contained his six brothers and sisters. He had both of his parents. Romero’s nickname is Servant of God. Romero is also a martyr. His motto is “Feel with the Church. ”What I learned about Oscar Romero after this research is that he was a very strong believer. Even though he was being hunted for preaching about God, he still preached until he was martyred.

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Who was Msgr. Oscar Romero? | World


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