Little Ones Child Care.

Madison Neuweg and Erika Hopwood

6 Business Activities:

1. Generating Ideas- Madison and Erika have a home day care that we have been working on putting together for 8 months now. It just got finished 3 weeks ago. We will be taking care and watching children from the age of infant to 5 years old. The daycare is open 5 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We open every morning at 7:30 am and close at 5 pm. We provide breakfast and lunch and a snack in the afternoon after lunch time. We do not however provide pacifiers, diapers or pull-ups. We do though provide wipes, bottles, toddler cups, baby and toddler tuber-ware, bibs, food, one type of baby formula, toys, 2 double strollers and 2 single strollers for morning walks, and we have blankets and 3 cribs, and 6 cots with one pillow per bed for nap time. The cost per child for one week is $45.

2. Raising Capital- So far we have saved approximately around 30,000 dollars through out the months. We still need another 20,000 dollars for all of the supplies that we provide.

3. Employee and Training- We are looking for at least one if not two more employees. We are looking for them to have background experience, and also they will have to have at least 2 days of job shadowing our business and seeing how they are with the kids and how the kids are with them, before being hired.

4. Buying goods and services- We have gotten our supplies from Target, Babies R Us, and Toys R Us. At Target we get, all of our toddler blankets and pillows, food, baby formula, drinks, and cleaning supplies. At Babies R Us, we have gotten, all of the cribs and cots, all of our baby blankets, all of the strollers, bottles, bibs, baby and toddler tuber-ware, and baby toys. At Toys R Us we got all of our toddler kid toys.

5. Marketing goods and services- We will market our business by putting ads in the newspaper, online, and putting flyers around town. Our newspaper ads do not cost much, so we can get the word out there. The internet will cost us a little bit more but we can still manage it. We wills have our ads online and in the newspaper for 2 weeks straight, and our flyers up for a week and go and replace them at the end of the week so they are not all torn up.

6. Maintaining Business Records- For customer information we have a binder of all of the children allergies and a flyer hung up on our bulletin board. We keep track of payments with Microsoft Excel. For our taxes we use Turbo-Tax which is online.