New Museum Exhibit

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I want you to be there!

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Exhibit Officials

Kaitlyn McPherson is a manipulative designer and is designing an amazing model out of clay. Showing you a blood vein with red blood cells in it and has all the parts labeled for you.

Summer Fangman is a presentation specialist and is going to give you a presentation about red blood cells and what they do for us and why they are so important for us to live.

Katelyn Turpin is the writer for our application letter. She is writing to the museum on why we need to be in the museum. She explains the components of our exhibit.

If you come, then you will be an expert on knowing what red blood cells are!

Exhibit Information

Our exhibit is about red blood cells. There is a model, a presentation, and a application letter presented there. You should not miss it because this exhibit shows what red blood cells are, what they do, and their importance to us as humans. I would not miss this if I were you!