A Better Life for Everyone

By: Brandy Barner


Communism was a theory created by a philosopher named Karl Marx who published "Communist Manifesto" with the help of Friedrich Engals in 1848. He created Communism to create equality between all people. Communism is the absence of class and government, and it was made for the people to all equally make decisions and share everything with each other. Communism has never actually been achieved by a country or government, but most countries strife to accomplish Communism.
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Why is Communism better than other societies?

Communism came along because the way workers felt about how they were being treated. They felt the government was unfair, and they wanted a system that treated everyone fairly, and let everyone have an opinion of how things should go. Communism was then created, and is the best solution to our society because it gives everyone a roll, and everyone is equal and fair about the decisions made.
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