Enfield Pencil

January 2017

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday!

Winter by Madison


Brrrrrr! Itś so cold outside I wonder what I could do? Well I guess I could do something like go ice skating! I think that sounds fun but I wonder where I am going to go ice skating at! I got the best idea . . . I can go to Cass park!

WOW, that was so fun! But what am I going to do now?

I got another idea. . . I can go sledding at Rice hill! But again, I am going to be bored if I don’t do something.

Oh I got it, I could build a snowman! Hang on, let me go get a scarf, maybe a hat, and I will go get a carrot for his nose and some rocks for buttons!

Building a snowman and building was fun. Going sledding was great too! Now all I need is some hot cocoa and a GOOD night’s sleep.

The Library by Madalynn and Amelia

The library

The library is a quiet place so try to be quiet. you can get very good books. In the library there are some places where you can just sit and read or read to a stuffed animal! Also the library teacher mrs gilroy will read to you she reads awesome books I love them! They are very good books like No David and Mike mulligan and His Steam Shovel and I am Pusheen the cat those books are so funny to read!! Other books that she reads are mystery stories and adventure stories.

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Creative Writing by Marlea

The Dream

Once there was a kid named Billy , he lived at a beautiful beach in florida.He had a dog named bella. He loved taking walks with his sister Julia.

Monday, August 12, 2016

  • One day Billy took a walk with his sister, Julia. They had the best time ever! On there way back home they got ice cream , I got vanilla Julia got strawberry. ”This was so fun we should do this again!” Julia said. “yeah definitely that sounds like a lot of fun!” i replied. Then it started to get dark so we headed home. We ate pepperoni pizza on the porch. Then we went to bed. The next morning we swam far out in the ocean it was so fun. Then we went back home. Then it was night and we went to bed. SWOOSH a wave smashed my window. WHIRL breeze of wind came through. SMASH the water smash through my whole wall. Then I ran to get mom and Julia “mom Julia!” He Screamed. Mom told us to go on the roof because it is better to get on a high place. The waves got bigger and bigger the wind almost knocked me down. I grasped on the edge of the roof. Mom pulled me up. Julia and I were very frightened. “OH NO where is bella” He said. Did she get washed away? Is she still in the house? Then the waves got a little smaller the wind stopped. Is it over? Then he realized it was safe in his house he checked the time it was 8:00 in the morning. He was so glad he was safe with his family in florida! It was just a dream.

Head over Heals Gymnastics By Amelia

"Head Over Heals" gymnastics is a very fun place to go if you are planning to go to gymnastics. All the teachers are awesome,nice,and very good at teaching.

You can do vault, beam, floor, bars,and sometimes trampoline and tumble track. On vault you do lots of things like handstands and handstand flat backs. We also jump on the spring boards. Another thing we do is the balance beam. On the beam we do handstands and cartwheels. Head Over Heels gymnastics is a great place.

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Holiday cheers by Amelia Sophia and Arianna the 4 grader


Open heart

Love peace

In your


All together

Your 4th graders

LEGO at Cornell University By Brandon

On January 28th, LEGO League will be having a competition T Duffield Hall on the Cornell University campus .Before every Team gets their prize everyone will be allowed to walk around and see all the projects that kids have spent about 10 to 15 weeks on. All of the kids put pride in their work and the projects are fantastic.

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An Interview with Miss Brautigam By Heather

Hi Miss Brautigam! Thanks for letting me interview you so that kids at our school can get to know you better.

H:Where did you go for college?

Miss B: Houghton college, Vanderbilt University

H: How long have you been a teacher?

Miss B: 5 years

H: Do like being a teacher and why?

Miss B: I do like being a teacher because I love seeing my students learn new things.

H: Do you like kids?

Miss B: Of course

H: Do you have any children?

Miss B:I do not have any children

H: How long have you been a 4th grade teacher?

Miss B: 2 years

H: Who is your favorite student that used to be in 4th grade?

Miss B: The funniest one

H: Do you like Enfield school, why?

Miss B: Yes because of my great coworkers and my awesome students

H: Do like having breaks?

Miss B: Yes

H: .Do you like 4th grade?

Miss B: Yes, I love it

H: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Miss B: Cook new recipes

Thanks Miss Brautigam!

Student Council Raises Money for Refugees

Student Council learned that refugee families will be settling in Ithaca this Spring. Students made peace pins to raise money for the refugee families who will be coming and will need many things to start their life here. Thanks for all of your generosity!