BACK UP: Bangkok Day 5, Tuesday

Social Entrepreneurship | TA: 10/14, TB: 11/25

Let's go!

It's our last day in Bangkok! Today we will have many opportunities to hear the stories of some of Thailand's most distinguished social entrepreneurs and share our own stories. The morning will be a work session for you to continue on your Social Lean Canvas and also to learn about Field Practice and Methods. The afternoon sessions will take us to two of Bangkok's most interesting co-working spaces, including Ma:D, which was designed specifically for social entrepreneurs.

Please check out the pre-session materials below to get the most out of your experience.

Meet for Breakfast: 7:00 am

Departure time: 8:15 am

Please Note:

Total estimated travel time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Estimated outdoor time: 3 hours

Average time between meals: 4 hours

Your Daily Checklist:

  1. Passport
  2. Pen and pencil
  3. Notebook
  4. Folder
  5. Supplementary handouts
  6. Room key
  7. Cash (drinks, souvenirs)
  8. Sunglasses and sunblock

Suggested Hashtags and Twitter Handles

Afternoon Session 1: #HubbaBKK, @Wedufund, #supportwedu #womenleaders

Afternoon Session 2: #maDspaceBKK, @ashoka

Evening Session: #HubbaBKK

and of course, #DSILcourse, @DSILcourse, @sarusprogram, #Thailand are always encouraged.

The Field Itinerary

Activities at a Glance

6:00 am - Optional jogging in Lumpini Park led by Alejandra Lopez. Meet in the lobby of the guesthouse.

7:00 -8:00am - Breakfast

9:00 am - d.thinking Opportunities + Challenges and Field Practice + Methods with Viria

11:00am - Working lunch at the Thailand Creative Design Center

1:00 pm - Session with Mario Ferro of WeDu at Hubba Co-Working Space

3:00 pm - Session with Ashoka Entrepreneurship Fellows at Ma:D

4:30 pm - Dinner

5:30 pm - Storytelling session at Hubba

Morning Session: The Library Cafe and Thailand Creative and Design Center

Tuesday, Nov. 25th 2014 at 9am

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) แขวง คลองตัน กรุงเทพมหานคร ประเทศไทย

Morning Speaker: Meet Viria Vichit-Vadakan from Thammasat University School of Global Studies, G-LAB

Viria is currently the Strategic Director for the G-LAB at Thammasat University, School of Global Studies. She is a graduate of the Stanford University, and has worked with and Ashoka Thailand.

Afternoon Session 1: Talk with Mario Ferro of WeDu

Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 at 1pm

HUBBA Watthana Bangkok Thailand

Wattana, Bangkok

You have heard Mario Ferro speak during the Virtual Classroom you will have an opportunity to meet the COO of WeDu here in Thailand.

Afternoon Speakers 1: Meet Vivian Lee, COO at WeDu

Afternoon Session 2: Workshop Panel with Ashoka

Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 at 3pm

13°43'28.66"N, 100°35'14.77"E

Afternoon Speakers 2: Entrepreneur Panel from Ashoka

Evening Session: Food Truck Round-up and Storytelling Evening

Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 at 5pm

HUBBA Watthana Bangkok Thailand

Wattana, Bangkok

Try some amazing food from Banh Mi Boy Thailand- a popular and local food truck. After some food, we will then all come together for an evening of storytelling. All participants will have an opportunity to share their story with the group.

Evening Session: Getting Ready!

Please prepare a 5 minute presentation to share with the rest of the group. This can be in any format you like, whether you choose a lecture format (perhaps in the style of TED) or in a mixed media format (such as Pecha Kucha).

Evening Speakers: DSIL Field Course Participants

With DSIL Participants hailing from 17 different countries across all of the inhabited continents, we have an amazing breadth of stories to share and learn from.

Winding Down and Optional Activities

Check back soon for more information!