Hernan Cortes

The most valuable explorer

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Where he is from

He was from the town of Medellin and was born in 1485.

Who did he sail for?

He sailed for Spain and his exploration consisted of attacking the Aztec empire and winning Mexico for the country of Spain.

Routes Cortes took

He started in Cuba then sailed west towards the Gulf of Mexico. He then went through new Spain to the gulf of California. He then voyaged through the Aztec empire where he took over the empire.

Years of exploration

He started his exploration in 1504 and ended in 1522 where he was then appointed the governor of New Spain. He later died in 1547 after living a successful life.

Places he discovered

He didn't really discover new places but explored many countries like Cuba, Mexico, and New Spain. His main accomplishment was over throwing the Aztec empire. He did discover the peninsula of California.

Amazing features

. He was from the Spanish

. He was a great soldier and leader

. He was a risk taker and a smart man

. Captain of Mexico

His Accomplishments

. He discovered the peninsula of California

. He defeated the Aztecs and destroyed their civilization

. He was a very brave man with a lot of ambition

. Became the governor of New Spain

His Characteristics

. Brave

. Smart

. Risk taker

. Ambitious

. Brutal

. Extraordinary leadership

Purpose of his voyages

His main purpose of his voyages was to attack the Aztec empire and claim them for Spain. While voyaging he was also trying to see if he could discover new places.

Outcome of his voyages

Cortes first outcome was discovering the peninsula of Spain. He then did what he set out to do which was over throwing the Aztec empire. He was a very successful man while exploring.

Events while voyaging

He did what he set out to do which was the biggest event. He started when he was only 19 and had many accomplishments while voyaging.