Life of Adolf Hitler

From 1889 - 1933

Early Life

Born in 1889, Adolf was the fourth of six children to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. He moved from Austria to Germany when he was three years old. He often clashed with his father because he did not approve of Adolf's love of art rather than business.

Early Life 2

His father Alois mysteriously died in 1903. Two years after, Klara (Adolf's Mother) allowed Adolf to drop out of school where he subsequently moved to Vienna to pursue his art career. During this time he was working as a casual laborer and water colour painter. He attempted to enter the academy of fine arts twice and was unsuccessful. Due to a lack of money he had to move to a homeless shelter and remained there for several years.

World War One

Hitler applied to fight for the German army at the outbreak of world war one. He was accepted in 1914 despite being a citizen of Austria. He had sustained injuries at the Somme and received the iron cross and the black wound badge.

Post World War One

Hitler was crestfallen after Germany's surrender and hated the treaty of the Versailles which accused Germany of causing the war. He decided to move to Munich where he became an intelligence officer for the military.