By: C.S Lewis


This book starts 4 children who go to a professor's house during a war because of air raids,and then a girl named Lucy steps into the wardrobe when everyone else was playing hide and seek then later 3 other kids named Edmund, Lucy, and Peter follow Lucy into the wardrobe then lots of adventures start like they meet a witch, faun, a lion named Aslan who is king, beavers, and many other friends.

My Review

I like this book a lot because I like books that have adventure and books that are placed a long time ago.So I must say this book is awesome and I rate it 5 stars!

My favorite passage

My favorite passage is when the kids meet father Christmas (Santa) and the kids get their weapons like Lucy gets a potion to heal people Peter gets a sword and Susan gets a bow and a pack of arrows now if you like that passage then you should read the book and find out why they got the weapons.

Mr. Tumnus

Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus in the beginning of the book when she first steps in the wardrobe bumps into Mr. Tumnus and he drops his parcels and then he invites her to tea and then Lucy and Mr. Tumnus become good friends.

The White Witch

Edmund was the first one in the story to meet the white witch at first she acted nice to Edmund by giving him turkish delight and a hot drink and then Edmund thought she was a nice person because she gave him food and a drink but she was a bad person.

The Beavers

The kids meet the beavers after a bird scouts them there and then they here the beavers call then to come inside their dam and then the beavers gave them information on the white witch and talked about someone they never heard called Aslan.


During the chapter called Peter's First Battle the kids meet a lion called Aslan when they first meet Aslan the kids are put in shock because they think he might be on the white witch's side, but they find out he's not so then Aslan fights with Peter in battle and then Aslan continues to follow the kids.