T.W.O (Trans World Operations)

We Will Find Your Loved Ones

Specialising in hunting down kidnap victims.

At T.W.O. we specialise in finding those who have become the victim of horrid acts such as kidnaping and human traficing. Our employees come from all sorts of backgrounds such as special forces, F.B.I, C.I.A and other intellegence agencies. Keeping you and our employees safe means that names and personal information about our "Finders" will not be released to anyone. Our CEO Liam Neeson is pictured to the left.

Where are you most at risk?

Wherever you have a huge poor population and you start walking around around in wealthy areas, you’re a target for mugging , you’re a target for extortion and you’re a target for kidnap.

The capital for this kind of activity is South America, and that’s where the kidnapping business that arose in the eighties started, in places like Columbia and Mexico. But the truth is, anywhere you present yourself as having loads of money you’re a target. That doesn’t mean you have to be a millionaire, because for example, 50 grand to a poor person in say, Mexico, is the equivalent of half a million to you or I.

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How to Survive- Kidnapping