unicorns real or not?

the truth about unicorns?

are unicorns real or not?

i think unicorns are not real, because there are no real facts besides some random Fossils of are what to believed a an alicorn(unicorn horn)

fun facts and myths!

  1. some people believe unicorns Are real and have mystical powers.
  2. people think that unicorns can only be cough by a virgin.
  3. most people belived that someone just made up a myth about unicorns to get fame.

3 types of unicorns.

asked qustons

  1. are unicorns in the bible? answer: yes there are unicorns in the bible.
  2. were did the myth about unicorns come from? answer: it came from early painting and the myth starts in china and India.
  3. whats a unicorn horn caled answer: alicorn horn
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