Changing Careers

How to Make the Change Easily and Safely

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Considering a Change

When your are considering changing jobs, careers, or just positions within your company, the following tips should be used:

  • Decide if you want a different job, or want to work for a different company.
  • Are you bored in your current position?
  • Do you like or dislike your bosses/co-workers?

Developing a Plan

It is a very wise decision to plan out your actions when changing jobs or careers. Here are some helpful tips to ease the process:

  • Identify what you like/dislike about your current job, boss, and company.
  • Research new careers.
  • Determine if you want or need to further your education.

Making the Change

  • Make sure to give at least 2 weeks notice, or preferably 6 to 10 weeks. "To leave an organization with less than 2 weeks notice is just bad form." Says Rebecca Knight from Harvard Business Review. Giving a notice allows the company to begin to find and possibly train your replacement.
  • Make sure the first person you discuss this with is your manager. If your manager hears it from a different source, It may make them angry or disappointed due to the fact that they have no idea of your intentions.
  • If given an exit interview, do not be brutally honest and tell all that you may dislike or be upset about. If you say bad things about your company, it could be gossiped about and eventually your new employer may learn of it causing you to possibly never get the job.
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Starting Anew

After finding your new job or career, it could be very difficult to adjust to a new environment and work schedule. Here are some ways to make it as easy as possible:

  • Arrive on time, and get all instructions you may need in writing.
  • Ask as many questions as you need.
  • Get to know your co-workers.
  • Adapt to your work area.