Tornadoes that struck Oklahoma

Describe step by step how a tornado forms.

Shawnee & Moore, Oklahoma Tornadoes.

Recently on May 10, 2013 and from there on the next couple of days the tornado continued to travel across the cities in Oklahoma. The massive Tornado has struck two cities in Oklahoma: Shawnee & Moore, OK. The first cyclone reached Shawnee first, which left the city what is now damaged and needs to be under construction. About 51 victims lost their lives in the first tornado. Within the next couple the tornado in Moore, OK that killed at least 24 people. Right now, people are trying to keep people out of the area,and are cleaning up the mess the tornado made.
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Describing the speed of winds in the Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes.

The wind speed for the tornado that occurred in Shawnee,OK was from 166 to 200mph and the tornado that happened in Moore, OK was estimated to be about 200 to 210mph. A few days later, they are still finding the remains of the victims involved in this situation, but they are trying to start a new beginning and to have a clean start once the mess is picked up

Definition for tornadoes

Tornadoes is a destructive vortex of spiraling winds with an appearance of a funnel shaped cloud rotating in a high speed to its location. The tornado extends to the ground which makes the Debris and Condensation visible

How do Tornadoes form Step by Step?

The formation of tornadoes is when low and high pressure air combine interact. Tornadoes are normally formed when a thunderstorm occurs. The common type of thunderstorm for the formation of tornadoes is the super cell. The tornado starts forming when a downdraft brings the mesocycle down near the grown starting the creation of a vortex.

The next step of the cycle starts when cloud wall is formed. The most dangerous part of the tornado is the winds created by the high pressure air sucked into the tornado, which helps create the destruction path scene after a tornado passes.

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Describing the damages and the intensity speed recorded on the Fujita scale.

The two storms affected about 3,937 homes, businesses and other buildings in Cleveland, Lincoln, Oklahoma and many other counties. The storm destroyed about 1,248 buildings and 452 major damage were done. The May 20 tornado killed 24 people in Moore. A day earlier, two people were killed, once the tornado struck near Shawnee.

The tornado that occurred in Moore, OK and in Shawnee, OK was recorded as EF5 on the Fujita Scale.

What other areas are affected by the Tornado?

All of central Oklahoma was affected by the two tornadoes in Moore and Shawnee Oklahoma on May 19th - May 20th. Many areas of Oklahoma have been affected badly and right now people are trying to have a clean start and try to start a new beginning and clean up the destruction left behind by the devastating tornado.
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What states are included in the Tornado Alley?

The states that are included in "Tornado Alley" is :
Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri
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