Monday Morsels

May 2, 2016

Joshua Tree, Here We Come!

We are a few days away from the Joshua Tree Trip. Please download and review the Equipment List. Contact a Boojum Instructor if you have any questions: Lucy Hedley or Gayle Hilgris. Email Ms. Berger with any additional questions you may have. Let Mr. Pattullo know if your student isn't going.

Be On Time to Morning Prayer, Please

Morning Prayer is the most important part of our day. Please show up on time and proceed immediately to the prayer area as soon as you hear the bell.

But what should I do if I am dropped off after 8am?

Great Question!

All students (and parents): If you arrive after the 8:00am bell, please proceed DIRECTLY to Morning Prayer without stopping first at advisories/homerooms. Take your items with you to the prayer area.

Yearbook Needs Your Photos!

The students in the yearbook elective are planning on putting together a digital album and need photos from the MJS community! If you have any photos taken on a camera or smart phone, please click here. You'll be taken to a page where you can upload photos to our MJS yearbook gallery and help us capture all events from April until June. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Cathy Lin (Yearbook Instructor). Thank you!

8th Annual Recycle & Read: Coming Soon!

Dates to Remember

  • May 4 - 6 : Joshua Tree Trip
  • May 7: MJS Benefit 2016
  • May 11 -12: Recycle & Read Curbside Drop Off (morning carpool)
  • May 13 - 19: 8th Annual Recycle & Read (library)
  • May 16-20: MJS Annual Art Show, Gym
  • May 20: Spring Concert (all of 5th grade)
  • May 25: Reach Out Assembly
  • May 25-27: Service Learning Showcase
  • May 27: Blue & White Day; Half Day of School; Extended Programs Closed
  • May 30: Memorial Day; MJS & Extended Programs Closed

Last Week's Monday Morsels...

6th Grade Earthquake Newspaper Issue #3

Earthquake Public Service Announcements

Earthquake PSA: Are You Prepared?
Earthquake PSA: Even Zombies Need Supplies
Earthquake PSA: Drop, Cover, & Hold!
Earthquake PSA: Escape Route
Earthquake PSA: Secure your Structure