Athletic Newsletter for 2020-21

November 19, 2020 - Volume 6

One Additional Question on the QR Check-in on the Survey's for Workouts

We will be adding one question to the health survey that our students are filling out prior to workouts. Here is the question:

In the last 14 days, have you traveled out of the State of Oregon, for a non-essential purpose

(e.g., tourism or recreation)?

This would include club sports if your team has traveled out of state.

If you do travel out of state during Thanksgiving week it is advised that you self-quarantine for 14 days from when you return. This is advice is from the Oregon Health Authority.

Quarter 2 Will Begin on Thursday, November 19

Remember your athlete needs to be enrolled in 3 classes (study hall does not count as one of those 3 classes). Please check your student's classes to make sure they are enrolled in 3 classes. If your child does not have 3 classes please reach out to your counselor.

Session 2 Workouts will begin on Monday, November 30

We will take the week of November 22nd through the 29th off.

The second session will begin on November 30th. If your child was already involved there is nothing you need to do. If your child has not been involved please read below to get your child involved.

If your child is going to do the Outdoor Training/Conditioning/Skill workouts they must be registered with Family ID and have a current physical on File. No payments are due at this time.

Even though we will not begin our competition seasons until 2021, please register your child for the sport(s) they will be trying out for. We have opened Family ID for all 3 sports seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring. If your child needs a new physical that will need to be submitted to the Athletic Department as well. The only thing you will not have to do at this time is to pay the user fee. Until we know for sure that we are going to compete we are not taking any money.

Cheer and Dance student-athletes please register on the FALL Link.

Please Slow Down

The speed limit in our school parking lot is 5 miles per hour. Since workouts have begun we have many parents and kids driving too fast in the parking lot. Please slow down. Arriving safely is our most important priority.
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Session 1 Workouts (Updates)

It was so great seeing our athletes out at the workouts in Session 1. We had approximately 500 athletes participating over the past three weeks. I want to thank each of you for helping to make it a success. You made sure they were on time, that they had their mask and you helped to make sure they knew why it was important to wear it. You kept them home if they did not feel well. All of that helped to make this first session a success.

We will need to continue to do this in Session 2. We want to be able to continue with our workouts.

We still are unclear when sports will begin. On December 7th we should hear from the OSAA to give us some additional guidelines. Let's keep the positive thoughts going.

The OSAA will meet on Monday, December 7th

On Monday, December 7th the OSAA will meet and we will receive an update on what is next for sports. At this time, since Clackamas is still in CDL we would be unable to compete in Winter sports which are to begin on December 28th.

Once we receive the updated information we will share on the Clackamas Athletics website at

Let's hope for some good news.

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