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Home of the Young Cardinals - 10/9/20

Dear Parents,

As you know, this past week Mrs. Raymer's Kindergarten/Begindergarten class was quarantined. This was not welcome news by anyone and serves as a reminder to maintain our safety procedures.

I want to acknowledge and thank all of the students and parents in that class for their incredible patience and flexibility over the past few days.

We will continue to do what we can to prevent this from happening again and minimize the number of people who need to be quarantined or get ill should any of our students or staff come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • keeping classes apart from other classes
  • sanitizing our grade level classrooms mid-day
  • sanitizing areas such as the cafeteria and specials classrooms between groups
  • sanitizing frequently used or touched areas such as bathrooms, light switches, and door knobs
  • staggering specials classes and dismissals
  • wearing masks
  • distancing from each other when we can


Karen Roys

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Let's recognize our September High Fliers!

We want to recognize and congratulate these students for being chosen to represent our school as a High Flier. Thanks for showing great leadership in being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. We took our masks off for the picture and then put them right back on.

Front row: Mason McWilliams, Molly Wilkey, Bailey Johnson, Addison Kedzierski. Back row: Dominick Cohoon, Makayla Mater, Elaina Yatros, Penelope Spencer, and Mrs. Roys. Not pictured: Emily Gustner.

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We Need These Forms - Virtual Learning Agreement and Chromebook Insurance Form

There are two forms that we need returned for ALL students. We are doing all we can to keep everyone safe and healthy but in case we need to quarantine a grade we need the Virtual Learning Agreement and the Chromebook Insurance Waiver Form. There is a place to mark if you do not want to use a district Chromebook or get the insurance.

If you haven't returned the forms another copy was sent home recently.

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Wear It Wednesday - Dress Up Theme

October 14 - Pink Day

October 21 - Fall Colors

Application for Free or Reduced Meals

Use the link below to get to lunchapp.com to apply for free or reduced meals.
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This is where you'll look for information specific for our virtual learners.
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Does your child have books at home to read?

It is very important that your child have access to books to read at home. We'd be happy to put together a bag of books for them. You'll just need to let us know what they are interested in and we'll get some books together we think they'll like.

Food Service Information for our Online Learners

What do you do if you want food service through Dryden Elementary School?

Hot Food Option - You have the option of ordering hot lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • The food served will follow the elementary school menu (above).

  • You must call the front office by 9:45am on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday or complete the order form below. If you know you will want this three days a week please tell Mrs. Marinkovski so you won’t have to call in on those days.

  • You can pick up hot lunch between 11am-12:30pm at the elementary school. If you order it but do not pick it up you will still be charged for it.

  • You will also be given bagged breakfasts and lunches to cover until the next day lunch can be ordered.

Cold Food Option - You have the option of picking up a week’s worth of bagged meals every Monday.

  1. To pick up 5 bagged breakfasts and 5 bagged lunches, please call our front office (796-2201) or return the order form by 9:45am on the Friday before to order for pick up on the following Monday between 11am-12:30pm.


Breakfast - Our elementary students get Universal Free Breakfast.

Lunch - We follow the same pricing structure as in-person students. Full Price = $3.00, Reduced = $0.40, Free - $0.

If the school needs to be closed for any reason these food service options

will change to our district-wide distribution method. That will be communicated to you if it happens.

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Do you have a 3 or 4 year old at home?

We offer free preschool (Head Start and GRSP) for families who qualify. See the flyer below.
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Math Discussions

Below are two visual prompts to start a math conversation at home. Sometimes there is one right answer and sometimes there are many right answers. The purpose of each question is to generate a discussion about how you determined an answer. If you find one answer, try to find another.
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Important Dates

  • October 14 - Dress Up Day Theme - Pink Day
  • October 21 - Dress Up Day Theme - Fall Colors
  • October 28 - - Dress Up Day Theme - Halloween clothes (not costumes)
  • October 30 - end of first marking period
  • November 4 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces
  • November 11 - Dress Up Day Theme - Veterans/Red, White, and Blue
  • November 11 & 12 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 12 - Half day of school, dismissal at 12:10pm
  • November 13 - No school
  • November 18 - Dress Up Day Theme - Camo Day
  • November 23-27 - Thanksgiving holiday, no classes
  • December 2 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces Day
  • December 9 - Dress Up Day Theme - Jersey Day
  • December 16 - Dress Up Day Theme - Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • December 21-January 1 - Winter recess, no classes
  • January 6 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces
  • January 13 - Dress Up Day Theme - Hometown Day
  • January 18 - MLK Jr. Day, no classes
  • January 12 - Dress Up Day Theme - Exams
  • January 20-22 - Exams at the high school, half days for elementary students, dismissal at 12:10
  • January 22 - End of 2nd marking period & 1st semester
  • January 27 - Dress Up Day Theme - Twin Day
  • February 3 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces Day
  • February 10 - Dress Up Day Theme - Heart day
  • Feb. 12-15 - Mid-winter break, no classes
  • February 17 - Dress Up Day Theme - Silly socks day
  • February 24 - Dress Up Day Theme - Superhero Day
  • March 3 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces day
  • March 4 - Parent Teacher Conferences (by invitation only)
  • March 10 - Dress Up Day Theme - Pajama Day
  • March 17 - Green Day
  • March 24 - Vacation Location Day
  • March 29-April 2 - Spring Break, no classes
  • April 5 - Easter Monday, no classes
  • April 7 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces Day
  • April 9 - End of 3rd marking period
  • April 14 - Dress Up Day Theme - Tigers Day
  • April 21 - Tie Dye Day
  • April 28 - Dress Up Day Theme - Disney Day
  • May 5 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces Day
  • May 12 - Dress Up Day Theme - Beach Day
  • May 19 - Dress Up Day Theme - Athletic Wear Day
  • May 26 - Dress Up Day Theme - I'm not sure?????
  • May 31 - Memorial Day Holiday, no classes
  • June 2 - Dress Up Day Theme - College/Armed Forces Day
  • June 6 - Graduation at 11am
  • June 9 - Dress Up Day Theme - Blast From the Past Day
  • June 14-16 - Exams for high school students, half days for elementary students, dismissal at 12:10.
  • June 16 - Last day of school

Parent and Student Resources

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Elementary Handbook

Please use this link for our updated Student Handbook. It can also be found on our Dryden Community School's website.

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