James H. Bean School

Parent Newsletter-Week of 9/7

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another fun-filled year full of learning at JHB! What a whirlwind of a week it has been! Jumping right into a five day week has been exhausting for all of us. It is nice to ease our way back into the swing of things with our typical three day, then four day, and finally a five day week that we traditionally have. We will all certainly enjoy and recharge over the long weekend.

With all of the apprehension surrounding whether or not we made the right decision to return to school five days a week, all I needed to see to know that we made the correct choice was the eagerness, smiles and happiness from all of our students as they walked through the halls on the first day of school. We are all thrilled to be back learning within the walls of Bean! It has been too long.

We have implemented many precautionary practices to increase the likelihood of being able to continue learning in the school building. There will be periods of time where we will have to "stop, check and adjust." Rest assured that we will do this throughout the year as we seek continuous improvement. Please be patient, and realize that we are all on the same team working toward the same goal...keeping everyone safe and healthy. If you see something that you feel could be improved and you have a suggestion, I would urge you to reach out to me. Let's work together to make this year the best year yet!


Mrs. St. Peter

Let's give our newest teachers a warm welcome to JHB!

Morning Parent Drop-Off

Beginning at 7:15, parents may drop their child(ren) off at school. Please look for the "Meet and Greet" teacher at this time. As soon as you see him/her, your children may exit your car. Please do not let your child out until you see the monitor. This is a safety issue and the school doors are locked. With the increased number of parent drop offs this year, it is imperative to keep the line moving. Your child should be ready to exit your car by him/herself as soon as you pull up to the monitor or sidewalk. Please be sure that your child has his/her mask on, coat on, and backpack ready to go. The expectation is that parents are NOT getting out of their vehicle to help their child(ren) get everything on. This causes a backlog of cars that extends out onto the Middle Road which becomes a safety issue with the other traffic. Consider giving hugs and kisses at home before coming to school or having a special signal that your child can give you as they exit your vehicle. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding of this matter. We will continue to monitor the traffic in the morning and make changes if necessary.

Afternoon Parent Pick-Up

We will continue to use both the parent and bus loops for afternoon pick-up. Please create two lines of cars in the parent loop before moving into the bus loop. PreK students are picked up at 2:15 in the bus loop. As soon as these students have been picked up, a monitor will direct the cars into the bus loop. Please do NOT pull into the bus loop until directed to do so. This will lessen the chance that a PreK parent will get caught in the lengthy pickup line and have to wait for an extended period of time to leave the school parking lot. Students are dismissed to the gym at 2:25. Some get there quicker than others. Please encourage your child to go directly to the gym without making unnecessary pit stops along the way. We will work to get your child(ren) out to your vehicle as quickly as we can. Again, I will reiterate the importance of all parents staying in their vehicles. This will move the lines along quicker. Thank you so much for your patience and help with this part of your child's day. We will continue to monitor the success and challenges of this, and modify if necessary.

Recess and Lunch

Our snack and lunch recesses have been going very well. Each classroom, K-3, goes outside for a snack recess with one or two other classes. Each class is assigned to play in a zone, and these rotate daily. The playground equipment is disinfected after all of the snack recesses are finished and then again at the end of the day. Lunches are so much quieter and relaxed having only two or three classes in the cafeteria and gym at a time. Students are sitting six feet apart, and are delivered their hot lunch. We are washing the tables and chairs after each lunch with soap and water. We disinfect after all of the lunches are done for the day. This will hopefully eliminate the discoloring of student clothing.

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, Sept. 7-No School, Labor Day

Friday, Sept. 18-Fall Fundraiser Kick-Off

Tuesday, Sept. 22-Early Release, 12:00PM

Friday, Oct. 9 No School

Monday, Oct. 12 No School, Indigenous People's Day

Thursday, Oct. 22 School Picture Day

Friday, Oct. 23 Flu Clinic @ JHB

Parent Reminders...

Please remember to complete and return to school all of your "Beginning of the Year" paperwork as soon as possible. Additionally, even if you do not qualify, please sign and return the "Free and Reduced Lunch Form".

All students should bring a small, healthy snack to school each day. Some students do not eat lunch until 12:45. Between breakfast and lunch, that is a long time to go without eating.

Try to remember to send your child to school with a clean mask and water bottle each day.

It is so important to label all of your child's belongings. The only way that we can guarantee that clothing, lunchboxes, and other belongings make it back to their owner is if they are clearly, labeled.

Last but not least, if you have a concern and/or question about something your child has reported to you, please contact your child's classroom teacher before contacting me. If after talking with him/her you are not satisfied with the way things are going, please feel free to contact me. I will always begin our conversation with "Have you spoken to your child's teacher about these concerns?" and if you haven't that will be my first suggestion. Thank you for giving your child's teacher the opportunity to provide more details about the incident before bringing it to my attention.

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