Plumbrook KNIGHTS!


*** SPECIAL EDITION*** 2020-2021 School Year***

If you could choose only ONE word to help you have the greatest school year ever, what would you choose?

What ONE WORD will you choose?

As we start the school year we want to be POSITIVE in our thinking and have FUN learning in the remote/virtual school.

We want to do lots of activities and LEARN and GROW with our new FRIENDS.

How will you choose your ONE WORD?

Look into your heart and find the ONE WORD that will help you be your best everyday.

Look up and around believing there is ONE WORD meant just for you.

Share your ONE WORD with others!

Plumbrook Knights Activity: One Word for Kids

Hello Friends,

I will be providing family enrichment activities throughout the school year for Plumbrook Knights and their families along with Plumbrook Staff.

Your first family activity is to listen the the story One Word For Kids: A Great Way to Have Your Best Year Ever read by one of the authors Jimmy Page. Please click on the picto-link below.

Spend time talking about and finding your ONE WORD that will help you have the BEST YEAR EVER! Please use the Padlet link and post your ONE WORD, and what your ONE WORD means to you (No names please).

Please post by 8:00 a.m. on Monday, September 14th.

Thank you so much!