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Home of the Young Cardinals - 8/13/20

Updates for Next School Year

I have updated the Frequently Asked Questions document with questions and answers our 100% virtual program. Please email me other questions you have. kroys@dryden.k12.mi.us.

You can access this document from the link in the email sending this newsletter.


Mrs. Roys

Face to Face or Virtual Instruction - Have you completed this survey?

Please complete this survey to let us know if you're planning to have your child(ren) return to school for face to face instruction or if you're choosing our virtual option. The link is in the accompanying email.
What are we doing to keep people safe at the Dryden Elementary School?
Dryden Elementary School - What will a day look like for our 100% virtual kids?
Dryden Elementary School - Information on Face Masks
What will a normal day look like for our in person students? 8 11 20
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August 19 August 19 August 19

Our back to school event is going to look a little different this year. Students and families will still be able to meet their teacher but this will be an outdoor only event (with the exception of BK and K. See below.)

It will be staggered by last name. PLEASE attend only during your scheduled span of time.

A-G - 4:00-4:45

H-M - 4:45-5:30

N-S - 5:30-6:15

T-Z - 6:15-7:00

Each teacher will have a table outside of school. You can meet them and pick up your folder of paperwork.

You will receive a postcard invitation/reminder in the mail before the event.

Begindergarten and Kindergarten parents - We understand our youngest students may need time to see their classroom and lockers. Your child's teacher will be taking you in the school in small groups.

Our Teachers

K/BK split - Mrs. Raymer

K/BK split - Mrs. Campbell

1st grade - Mrs. Unruh

2nd grade - Mrs. Maday

3rd grade - Ms. Hudson

4th grade - Mrs. Colmer

5th grade - Mrs. Howell

6th grade - Ms. Sobek

Music and Band - Mrs. Klann

Physical Education - Mrs. Margrif

Art - Mrs. Torok

Technology - Ms. Highley

Special Education - Ms. Haddad

Special Education - Ms. Highley

Schedule for our First Few Weeks of School

August 24 (Monday) - The first day of school is a half day. Dismissal is at 12:10pm.

August 28 (Friday) - No school.

September 4 (Friday) - No school.

September 7 (Monday) - Memorial Day. No school.

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Order a Sack Lunch for the First Day of School

On half days we offer sack lunches. Order forms will be available from your child's teacher to be completed at our Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday, August 19. If you'd rather print one out it will be in the email accompanying this email
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Do you love working with children?

If so, we are looking for staff for these possible positions -

  1. Parapro in our Special Education program. Monday - Friday, around 30 hours a week.
  2. Lunch/recess aide - A couple of hours mid-day. We'd love if you're available every day of the week but will also consider candidates who need a more flexible schedule.

If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Roys at (810) 448-4001 or kroys@dryden.k12.mi.us.

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Application for Free or Reduced Meals

Use the link below to get to lunchapp.com to apply for free or reduced meals.
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Your Child's Schedule

Your child's teacher will be reaching out to you next week with their online schedule.

In the beginning of the year a lot of time is spent in the classroom getting to know each other, learning and practicing routines, and in general, training students how to be back in school. Academics are light in the beginning and increase in length and difficulty as students are time goes on.

Food Service Information for our Online Learners

What do you do if you want food service through Dryden Elementary School?

Hot Food Option - You have the option of ordering hot lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • The food served will follow the elementary school menu (above).

  • You must call the front office by 9:45am on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. If you know you will want this three days a week please tell Mrs. Marinkovski so you won’t have to call in on those days.

  • You can pick up hot lunch between 11am-12:30pm at the elementary school. If you order it but do not pick it up you will still be charged for it.

  • You will also be given bagged breakfasts and lunches to cover until the next day lunch can be ordered.

Cold Food Option - You have the option of picking up a week’s worth of bagged meals every Monday.

  1. To pick up 5 bagged breakfasts and 5 bagged lunches, please call our front office (796-2201) by 9:45am on the Friday before to order for pick up on the following Monday between 11am-12:30pm.


Breakfast - Our elementary students get Universal Free Breakfast.

Lunch - We follow the same pricing structure as in-person students. Full Price = $3.00, Reduced = $0.40, Free - $0.

If the school needs to be closed for any reason these food service options

will change to our district-wide distribution method. That will be communicated to you if it happens.

Do you have a 3 or 4 year old at home?

We offer free preschool (Head Start and GRSP) for families who qualify. See the flyer below.
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School Supply Lists

School supply lists are available for pick up in the tub in front of school. They are also listed below. The 6th grade list is included at the end.
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Building a Resilient Family

Every single one of us - students, parents, staff - is going through a challenging time right now. I recently read a great book titled The Resilience Breakthrough by Christian Moore. If there is ever a time to build up my resilience it is now! I highly recommend it.

The following information is from the Parent Guide from WhyTry, which is an organization started by the author of that book. The link for the complete parent guide is below.

Flipping the Switch:

When you flip the switch, you stop for a moment, realize you can turn pain into power, and move forward, committed to being resilient.

Have you ever walked into a dark room and bumped into furniture, or stepped on an unsuspecting Lego? It can be frustrating to not see what’s in front of you. But when you flip on the light switch, that all changes – you can see the obstacles in your path, find what you’re looking for, and be on your way. Imagine that there’s also a light switch inside your brain. When it’s turned on, you’re responding resiliently to life’s challenges. When it’s off, you’re not.

Flipping the switch happens in the moment of a challenge – it’s your decision right then and there to take your challenge by the horns and not shut down or give up. When you really think about it, change doesn’t have to take a long time. It’s instantaneous. It’s actually not changing that takes time. You can be resilient right now.

To read more, use the link below or go to resilienceguide.org.

Source: WhyTry.com

Super Summer Success With Reading

Dear Parents:

Summer reading loss is a real issue and we want to do something about it! Research indicates that over the summer, many students lose up to 30% of their reading progress. That could mean sliding back two, whole reading levels! Would you like to maintain the reading success your child has experienced this year? Well, we have a simple and easy method for doing so: Encourage your child to read books throughout the summer. Yes! That’s all it takes. Research indicates when students read self-selected books at an appropriate level, they will avoid what is called the “summer slide” or falling behind in reading during the summer months. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

As flowers need care to grow during the summer months, so does your child’s reading ability. How? Set up a daily routine for your child to read books across the summer. They can read the same books over and over again, or they can select new books based on their interests. We are asking that these books try to be returned during the first week of school in the fall. Encourage your child to read these books, other books or magazines in your home, books from our school’s Little Free Library and books from the local library. Don’t forget to keep books in the car and take them on trips with you! (And don’t forget about digital texts online--Kindle, Raz-Kids, Epic, National Geographic Kids, etc) The more your child reads, the more he or she will maintain his/her reading growth. Help make it happen – set up a reading routine and stick to it.

Remember: The best predictor of summer reading loss or summer reading gain is whether or not students read during the summer. Help your child maintain the reading progress they have made in school this year. Encourage them to read daily! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Kristal White (Early Literacy Coach) & Dryden Elementary Teachers

Math Discussions

Below are two visual prompts to start a math conversation at home. Sometimes there is one right answer and sometimes there are many right answers. The purpose of each question is to generate a discussion about how you determined an answer. If you find one answer, try to find another.
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Health Insurance

Many families are without health insurance for their children due to becoming recently unemployed. Free or low-cost health coverage for children under the age of 19 or pregnant women of any age is available through MI Child and Healthy Kids. The number is 1-888-988-6300 or apply online at newmibridges.michigan.gov

Parent and Student Resources

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Elementary Handbook

Please use this link for our updated Student Handbook. It can also be found on our Dryden Community School's website.

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