Boulder Creek Elementary

November, 2019

Principally Speaking

Dear Parents:

Safety is a top priority at Boulder Creek. We ask for your cooperation in ensuring that our front parking lot is used for buses to safely drop off our students in the morning. Students have been dropped off in the front parking lot and there isn’t a crossing guard or a safe place to drop students off as the large buses pull through. Parent drop off is the large drive through located off 80th Street on the west side of the school. Students can be dropped off safely in the parent drop off area where we have staff on duty and students can enter the playground. Please remember to “kiss and ride”, having all items ready for your child to exit the vehicle as you pull forward so traffic can continue to flow. The gate will be locked at 8:05 when the first bell rings so students can get to class. The playground is open at 7:45 so you may begin dropping students off then. If you choose to park your car and walk your child to the gate, please park on Portobello and use the crosswalk as the front parking lot has been closed for safety reasons.

The office has many phone calls during the day regarding transportation changes for students. It is important for students to have consistency with their transportation when possible. We understand occasional emergencies but daily changes make it difficult for students and teachers to remember which mode of transportation a student is supposed to utilize. Please try to let your student know how he/she is getting home before school unless it is a true emergency and try to keep it consistent every day. Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Karen K. Coleman


Physical education contributes to each child's growth and development primarily through movement development. The well rounded program here at Boulder Creek follows the highly acclaimed Pangrazi Model. The focus of the program includes movement competence, maintaining physical fitness, learning personal health and wellness skills, applying movement concepts and skill mechanics, demonstrating positive social skills, and ultimately developing a lifetime love of movement and fitness.


It is recommended that kids receive 60 minutes of activity daily, most of which should be aerobic. Look for a new exciting activity every month in the Boulder Creek Newsletter.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is still a favorite on most playgrounds. Whether alone with an individual jump rope or in a group with a long jump rope, rope jumping challenges both coordination, muscle strength, and stamina.

Have fun and stay healthy!

Check out for great articles about fitness, health, and nutrition for the whole family.

Mr. Starks

A Note from the Nurse’s Office,

As we approach cold and flu season here are some reminders to help keep students and staff healthy. First, remind your children to practice good hand washing especially after coughing, going to the bathroom and before eating. Washing hands with soap and water or an alcohol based hand sanitizer is best. Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs that cause illness. Have your child cover their coughs. It is best to cover the nose and mouth with a tissue or with the upper sleeve, and avoid using the hands.

Second if you feel your child is sick enough to make a doctor’s appointment, please keep them child home until after the appointment. Should your child get sick with a fever, throw up, or have diarrhea at school they will need to be picked up. Your child will also need to stay home until they are symptom free for 24 hours without using medication. Coughs can be a tricky. If your child has a deep hacky cough or a constant cough, they should probably stay home. If it is the occasional cough then they can probably be sent to school. You may send cough drops with your child for their own use. If you want your child to have cough drops, and feel your child will share the cough drops with their friends, the drops may be brought to the health office. Cough drops are not to be shared nor will they be supplied. When your child is sick, be sure to call the attendance line and say why your child will be out. It helps to know if your child has stomach issues, respiratory problems, fevers or flu like symptoms especially if they have a fever. It lets us know when we need to get notices out to parents for contagious illnesses like strep and pink eye that are contagious.

It is a good idea to have a plan for who will care for your child in case your child is sick or becomes sick at school. Having a sick child at school will be less stressful with a plan in place should you be at work and unable to get away in a timely manner. It is best for sick students to be picked up promptly. If you have any questions please feel free to call.

Jane Xavier RN

Note from our Social Worker

Hello Boulder Creek Families!

Thank you to everyone who came out on 10/24 to learn more about what is going on in the realm of social emotional learning at Boulder Creek. I hope you found it time well spent! Stay tuned for future presentations anxiety, depression, & mindfulness after the winter break.

We wrapped up Red Ribbon Week on October 31st. Check out the picture of our pledge board and the winning posters from our contest. Congratulations to our winners: Addison Zelaya, Jake Chos, Karsyn Padilla, Abigail Imogoh, and Sophie Halterman.Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, you helped spread the message of Red Ribbon week throughout our school with your poster!

We are moving into the emotion management unit of the Second Steps curriculum. Students are learning physical signs of needing to calm down a strong emotion (heart beating fast, feeling hot, racing thoughts, tense muscles, shaking, crying) and the steps for how to calm down. Ask them to show you their "hand brain" and what happens in your brain when you have a strong feeling (lid flips (4 fingers), cortex loses control, the amygdala (thumb) takes over).

Step 1- STOP, give your brain a signal that it needs to stop and calm down

Step 2- Name your feeling, get that cortex back engaged and thinking what am I feeling and why?

Step 3- Calm down! take belly breaths, use positive self talk, count

We are fundraising and partnering with local organizations to help families in need this holiday season. If you need help with a holiday meal, household items (laundry soap, toilet paper, blankets, pots/pans, etc) or gifts for your children, or would like to refer a family that may be in need, please give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Grateful for all of you and the work I get to do with your students every day!

Mrs. Fortune

An Evening of STEAM

December 10th

What’s STEAM? It’s an acronym which stands for; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

  • Where? This evening event will be held in the Cafeteria

  • When? December 10th, from 6pm to 8pm. This is a FREE event.

  • Why? To get students excited about the field of Science in a fun way

  • What to expect? At this event, our Lightsaver Club will be hosting different stations where your child can experience hands-on activities

  • Who can attend? Anybody interested in learning more about STEAM can attend

  • Other Activities:

    • Arizona Diamondbacks

    • Gilbert Air Quality Control

    • Freeport-McMoRan Mining Company

    • Desert Ridge Robotics Club

    • Highland High Physics Department

    • SRP Carnival Games

    • Mesa Fire Department

    • Mrs. Gomez ( Art Teacher)

    • Mrs. Cruz ( Math Resource Teacher)

    • PTSO

*** All students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.***

Our own PTSO will be selling Pizza and Bottled Water

Principal's 100 Club

Students that have displayed character traits up and beyond.

Rose Nielsen
  • Showing kindness to a classmate that got hurt.

Lila Rodriguez

  • Kindness & Caring

Lola Campbell

  • Awesome Behavior

Dane Fort

  • Responsible, helped the substitute and being great

Christoper Adams

  • Kindness & respect

Evelyn Hunsaker

  • 100% effort when she's working n the reading lab

AVID Golden Binder Awards for August

3rd Grade Golden Binder Winners
  • Emilio Avila, Ja'Shon Brown

4th Grade Golden Binder Winners

  • Eddie Galvan, Parker Wolfersberger

5th Grade Golden Binder Winners

  • Kylie Brinkerhoff

6th Grade Golden Binder Winners

  • Sydney Edgar, Makenna Haynie, Brooklyn Roberts, Jacob Spatola

Attendance Awareness November

When a child arrives late to school, they miss a very important part of the day. Morning announcements & attendance, lunch count, first lesson instruction take place in the first 15-20 minutes of the day. Coming into class late will also interrupt the classroom teaching environment, taking away learning time from everyone.

We realize that the process of getting children ready for school can be different from one day to the next. Some mornings go smoothly, other mornings, it may seem that nothing has gone as planned and now everyone is late!!


What can be done to get ready the night before school?

What needs to be done in the morning?

Everyone has what they need for the day, are at the door, and ready to leave on time.


Family/student is headed to school, or school bus, with plenty of time to get to school safely.

Campus Opens at 7:45am

Gates Close at 8:05am


Congratulations to Hank Jett, Everleigh Van Sciver, Sophia McCogg and Isaac Avila for having their art work hung at the District office for October

Big picture

Congratulations to Sarah Dunne, Lucy Bennett and Brooklyn Nielsen for having their artwork hung at the District office in November

Big picture

Congratulations to Zoey Nelson-Student of the Month at Boulder Creek - October

Big picture


Big picture

Mark Your Calendar

November 15 - Swirl It PTSO Fundraiser - 3:30-11:00 pm

November 18 - 4th Grade Field Trip

November 18 - Relaxation Crew @ 3:00 pm

November 20 - Half Day, Students Dismissed @ 11:55 am

November 22 - Spelling Bee @ 1:30 pm Library

November 25 - 5th Grade Field Trip

November 26 - 5th Grade Field Trip

Light Savers

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2- Reindeer Lane Gift Shop Opens

Relaxation Crew @3:00 pm

December 3 - NEHS Meeting @ 3:00 pm

December 4 - Early Release @ 1:55 pm

December 6 - Donuts with Dad @ 7:30, Last day of Reindeer Lane Gift Shop

December 10 - Light Savers @ 3:00 pm

PTSO Meeting @ 3:00 pm

STEAM Night @ 6:30 pm

December 11 - Early Release @ 1:55 pm

December 12 - Choir Concert @ 6:30 pm

December 13 - Hot Chocolate Sales before School (Supports Adopt-a-family program)

December 17 - Strings Concert @ 6:00 pm

Band Concert @ 7:00 pm

December 18 - Early Release @ 1:55 pm

December 19 - 3rd Grade Holiday Music program @ 6:30 pm

December 20 - Half Day - Students dismissed at 11:55am

December 23 -January 3 - Winter Break

January 6, 2020 - School Resumes


Boulder Creek recently transferred to a new phone system. While we are working through the nuances of a new system, we appreciate your patience. We understand that there are still some issues and we are working with our IT Department to resolve them.

Remember - All extensions changed. To reach a teacher - use their room number with a "1" in front of it. Example: If you called Mrs.Fortune in room 101, her extension now is 1101.

Donuts with Dad & Muffins with Mom

Friday, Dec. 6th, 7:30am

8045 East Portobello Avenue

Mesa, AZ

Donuts with Dad - Friday, December 6 @ 7:20


Muffins with Mom - Friday, January 10 @ 7:20am