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August 30, 2019

Dear Swampscott High School Families,

I am happy to report a successful first week of the 2019-20 school year. This weekly newsletter will provide updates and news about events and happenings here at SHS. We are also active on Twitter; please scroll down for our Twitter handles. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 781-596-8830.

By now you have received the most important word about how this school year has begun--the informal reports given to you by your student. The faculty and staff at Swampscott High School hope those reports are positive. I hope that you feel that the school year has begun well for your student.

SHS classes have begun smoothly and staff are hard at work developing a positive school culture and a productive school year. Our students have shown themselves to be enthusiastic and ready to learn. Please scroll down to see some pictures of the first week.

The rotation calendar begins on Tuesday, September 3 as a day A.

Foreign Language teacher Melissa Albert has been nominated for the AATF French Educator of the Year Award. Congratulations to Ms. Albert and we wish her the best of luck.

On Tuesday, September 3 A group of Spanish students from Spain's National Science Foundation "La Caixa," will be visiting Swampscott High School to meet with students in our Green Scholars program and to discuss STEM education with our students. Thank you to Brandy Wilbur and SHS parent Mercedes Balcells-Camps for arranging this special event.

From the Health Office

This is a reminder State law requires parents to submit a current physical exam and immunization record for all 10th grade students, and all new students to the Swampscott High School. These records were due on the first day of school, August 27th. Physicals from the fall of 2018 will be accepted. Please mail, e-mail or fax your child's record to Mary Beth O’Malley RN

Grade 9:

The postural screening program is part of the school health mandated screening program, for 9th grade students. This notice is to inform you that students in grade 9 will be screened during physical education classes during the first 3 weeks of school. On October 4th any student who is not scheduled for physical education, and any student referred by the physical education teachers will be screened. The screenings will be done by a nurse. The student’s privacy will be respected at all times. It is not a diagnostic service but a program to identify students who should have further medical evaluation. Female students should wear or bring a TANK TOP or SPORTS BRA and SHORTS. Male students should wear or bring ATHLETIC SHORTS. This type of clothing permits more accurate observation of the back. The majority of students’ exhibit no findings.

Grade 10

The Growth Screening Program (BMI) is part of the school health services mandated screening program for students in grades 1, 4, 7 and 10. This notice is to inform you that students in grade 10 will have their height and weight measured on September 27th. We will then calculate their body mass index (BMI). Your student’s BMI is based on the ratio of height to weight and is reported as a percentile ranking based on the child’s age and gender. The screenings will be done by a nurse and the student’s privacy will be respected at all times. Your child’s BMI is strictly confidential and will only be provided to parents upon request.

Grade 11

The Vision and Hearing Screening Program is part of the school health services mandated screening program. This notice is to inform you that students in the 11th grade will have their vision and hearing tested on September 20th. The screenings will be done by a nurse and the student's privacy will be respected at all times. Please instruct your student to bring their glasses or wear their contact lenses on screening day

Thank you for your cooperation with these programs. All results are strictly confidential. Parents will be notified only if any concerns are identified during the screenings.

Medications in School

Students are not allowed to carry any medication on them in school without authorization by the school nurse. The School Nurse has authorization to administer only Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Calcium Antacids, Benadryl, and cough drops. Any other over-the-counter medication that is not listed require a Medication Authorization form signed by both you and your child’s physician before it can be given in school. This includes Inhalers. These forms may be found on the Health Services Page of the Swampscott Public School web site.

Again, Welcome back to Swampscott High School. We hope your student has a healthy and successful school year. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Mary Beth O’Malley RN, BSN, NCSN

Swampscott High School Nurse

781-596-8830 ext. 5515


Our first fundraising event is on 9/5. Attached is the coupon. If you need a blurb for the email:

The Swampscott Boys Soccer Team is hosting a fundraiser at Uno's on Thursday 9/5. Please bring this coupon for either dine-in or takeout orders to support the team. Thank you!!

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