St. Mary School News

February 2019


February is here and the winter is still around cool and cold. We are still in the progress of studying hard. I hope that you had done the first semester very successfully. Now you are stepping into the second and last semester of this school year. Once again you are in another ‘start line’ to continue to discover new things right in studies.

I think that there is a lot of fun to learn and discover new things right in the school from the teachers and from each other. Everything that we learn must have very so useful for our life; I wonder if you can apply the new things that you have studied in your real life. I am sure that you would find them interesting. Do you practice what you have studied? If you study something but not practice it, you may not really successful in your study. That is why I encourage you to put your studies and practice together. I guarantee that you sure will see a great difference.

Let’s do it more for this semester! I wish you more successes!

Fr. Cuong Luong

Principal's Message

Our sports teams have been busy with the basketball season. Both the boys and girl's teams have begun to practice and demonstrate their learning through game play. We wish them all the best as they continue to work on skills and learn to work as a team. Following basketball, we look forward to the sport of curling.

I would like to take this time to thank the parents and families of our students for their support in the past months, whether it has been through volunteering, helping with homework or simply just being there. It is great to have such committed people to work with ensuring that our children have the best education possible. Mrs. Nichol and my door are always open and we welcome parents to stop by with any questions or concerns.

Winter Garage Sale

Saturday, February 17th from 9am – 3pm, St. Mary School will be hosting our 4th annual winter garage sale. For $10/table people can rent a table and sell their homemade or garage sale items. All table rentals and proceeds from the canteen will go towards student field trips. If you are interested in renting a table, please call the school at 306-445-5152. Tables will be rented on a first come, first pay system. To date we have 15 tables booked.

We invite all of our families to stop by on the 17th and do some shopping. We hope there will be lots of treasures to be found. $1 admission donation accepted at the door. On site canteen.

Dressing for the Weather

At this time of the year the weather can change drastically from morning to afternoon or from day to day. Students are expected to go outside at recess unless the temperature condition reaches -26 degrees with the wind chill.

Going outside and getting a little fresh air is a nice change for students from their daily classroom routine. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather. A warm jacket, mitts, and a toque is recommended. Please see the office if you require assistance in providing these things for your children.

Kindergarten Registration for 2019-20

We would like to encourage parents of children who will be attending kindergarten in the fall to drop by and fill out a registration form. (Please bring the child’s hospitalization card and Baptism certificate with you) This is an important process for us at St. Mary School. The number of kindergarten registrants will help us to set appropriate staffing levels for next year and allow us to establish materials and supplies for the class.

We strongly encourage all parents affected to register their kindergarten student. If you have any questions about St. Mary School or our kindergarten program, please feel free to call Mr. Loeppky at 306-445-5152. Please pass this information on to parents in our attendance area who do not currently have children at our school.

Lunch Cards

March lunch card fees are due by February 25th.If you have not paid your lunch card for February, please ensure you send a lunch or the $10 with your son/daughter by March 1st or they may be asked to walk home for lunch.

Sacramental Prep Parent Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 7th, 5:30pm

Notre Dame Parish

Immunizations and Baby Clinics

We are pleased to announce that Public Health will be in the school on February 6th. If you are interested booking an appointment from 9:00 – 11:30am, please call the school at 306-445-5152. If your child has received immunizations on the reserve, please call the public health office at 306- 446-6400 and notify them of the immunizations so that your child’s file can be updated. (a minimum of 3 days prior to our clinics please).

Grade 2 & 4 Swimming Lessons

The bus will be picking up the students from the school at 12:40 and returning at 2:15pm. Please ensure to send your child with a swim suit and towel on the following dates:

February 7, 14 & 28th

Winter Break - No School

There will be no school February 18th in recognition of the civic family day holiday. The remainder of that week will also be days off school in lieu of student led conferences and winter break Feb 19 – 22nd. Have a great holiday and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Head Lice

A very important reminder to all parents: WE ASK THAT ALL CASES OF HEAD LICE be reported to the school office or teacher. There is no stigma attached to having lead lice, as they enjoy clean hair most of all!! We can’t stress enough the importance of being notified here at school, because if we don’t know, then we can’t alert parents to be on the lookout and treat their own children. With students sharing lockers and working in collaborative groups, we need to work together to eradicate the school of these critters. This means we MUST know when we have even one case of head lice, or they will just continue to circulate. If you are needing help treating/combating the lice Public Health nurse are available to assist.

Thank you to Breakfast Clubs of Canada for their donation of monies to our breakfast program.

Thank you to Breakfast Club of Canada for their donation of monies to our breakfast program. Their assistance helps support the nutritional needs of students, thereby providing our students with a healthy start to their day. Thank you for your continued support to this valuable program.

Popcorn Sale

The grade 4 students will be holding a popcorn sale on February 8th. $1 a bag to support their efforts to purchase an animal for a family in Asia.


A newsletter and calendar for each month of the school year will be sent home every month with the youngest child in the family. This letter and calendar will have information about activities and events happening at St. Mary School for that month. Additional information may be sent home throughout each month. If your family does not receive a copy of a newsletter, they may contact the school secretary and request one. This information is also posted on the school website and Facebook page.

We are pleased to announce that digital copies of our school newsletter and calendar can now be sent to families via email. If you are interested in receiving a digital copy please contact the office or send a note to your child's teacher.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

February 10- 16th has been chosen as Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week. Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week encourages parents and communities throughout Canada to recognize the important personal and professional contributions of teachers and school staff to children’s lives and education. Please feel free to write a note or send a thank you to your child’s teacher/ea/etc. to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Leadership Club - Spirit Week

The leadership club has been busy planning a spirit week. Please dress as listed below to show your spirit.

Monday, February 11 – Jersey Day

Tuesday, February 12 – Opposite/Mismatch Day

Wednesday, February 13 – Baggy Clothes Day

Thursday, February 14 – Red & Pink Day

Friday, February 15 – Formal Day

Candy grams will be sold from the 11th to 13th at noon for $.25 per gram. This is a great way to show others how much you care and appreciate them. Candy grams will be delivered February 14th.

Students in Grades 5 – 7 are invited to a noon hour dance on Friday, February 15th. Admission is $1 per student and all monies raised from our spirit week will be donated to a WE Day charity. Thank you in advance for your support.

Dream Brokers

What is Dream Broker all about? . . . The Dream Broker connects you and your family with a sport, recreational or cultural activity. She can support participation in various sport, culture or recreation activities by helping with registration costs, transportation, equipment or just by being a cheerleader on the sidelines when a family member is unable to attend.

Some programs with open or upcoming registrations:

1. Four Corner Boxing can take kids ages 11-17 to be a part of their competitive program.

2. Boys & Girls club Yoga program from Feb 5th – March 19th Register now here:

3. Minor Baseball Registration is February 12th & 13th from 7-9pm @ Don Ross Centre Rm 102

4. Minor Football Registrations will be coming up in March. Keep an eye out in the March newsletter for updates!

5. Atomic Smash Volleyball registration is online until Feb 11th – Register here:

Contact Antje if you have any questions.

School Programs! Art Club & Drumming Club- ALL FREE

· Beading Club started January 9th and will go until March 13th. The club goes from 3:30-4:45pm. Drumming club is continuing until the end of the school year. Mondays @ lunch time and now Wednesdays @ lunch time. If your son is interested contact Antje!

If your child is interested in any of these activities text/call Antje at 306-480-9875 or visit her the Community School Room on Mondays & Wednesdays at St. Mary’s.