October Newsletter


It feels like we just got started at school, but the Thanksgiving break is next Monday. A few highlights from the start of the school year:

  1. Another successful Terry Fox Run. The Terry Fox Run has become a part of school culture. Like fire drills and Christmas concerts, it has found a place in every school year. I am grateful for the opportunity for our students to think about and focus on cancer research.

  2. Our Cross Country team of runners brought home three banners (Two first place, one second place). Our school’s tradition is that banner winning teams get to run the halls making noise, so we celebrated their success with them as they ran.

  3. Grade 5 classes had a bonding afternoon at A.D. Penner park. A BBQ lunch was followed by an afternoon of games. Students and staff reported a fun afternoon.

  4. On our Strong Connections Days, students worked one on one with their teachers to learn more about who the students were as learners. When not with their teacher, John Dunne, Arctic Explorer, shared his adventures with students in the morning. Students were given the option of Tie Dye T-shirts or a more active PE type activity. These are great days of building stronger relationships in school.

  5. Our Grade 7 students spent several days at Camp Cedarwood. Overheard on the way back - “We made some great memories!” Thanks to parents for supporting this big event.

  6. Our Grade 6 students led us in our first all school assembly to share their learning about residential schools. We held that assembly on Oct. 1, the day we recognized Orange Shirt Day in our school. The Grade 6 students did a wonderful job of tell stories of history, healing, and hope.

  7. Our Parent Advisory Council has their AGM on Monday, Oct 1. We had a great discussion about the vision that guides our school and our decision-making. Thanks to ALL the parents who support our school, and walk with us as we celebrate learning and solve the inevitable problems that will arise in a community of 650 people.

Big picture

Looking ahead to October, Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education (DARE) is starting up for Grade 6 students. Thanks to the Lions Club of Steinbach, this program is provided to help our students make good choices for their lives. We are also anticipating meeting with our school leaders (Allies) this month. And finally, our chocolate fundraiser happens this month. We look forward to having enough money to add an additional paved surface for outdoor play once this fundraiser is complete. Thanks for helping out with this.

CMS continues to try to be the best school we can be. We have published our promise on our website and in the school. While we are not perfect, this promise is what we strive to be every day. Here it is.


To teach students, not subjects

To believe the best, hope for the best, and cheer for the best in every person

To teach in ways that respond to our students’ needs

To meet students where they are

To make learning meaningful

To be proactive rather than reactive

To help each student feel valued

To create an atmosphere that welcomes every student to belong

To dream big and work hard

To challenge all students to learn at high levels.