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October 2018

From Our Principal...

Greetings during this wonderful fall season. There are so many fun, philanthropic, community-based, and social events during this month, it is easy to see why so many find it to be the BEST time of year!

West Side, Best Side!

The West Side Nut Club kicked the month off in style with the 97th annual Fall Festival. Our community comes together to support each other so beautifully at this event every year, and the West Side Nut Club gives right back to the community to make wonderful things possible. What a great circle of giving! We are so grateful for the ways they support our West Side schools every year. Thanks, WSNC! We appreciate all you do for us!

Events of Importance

At West Terrace, the month continues to be one of fun events and great opportunities for children and families.

  • Tuesday, 16th: The first Parent Engagement workshop will be held, 7 pm, Keeping Your Kids Safe Online (see Counselor Corner, below) Any parent who comes will earn their child a Bridge Builder certificate/sticker (and a chance for a booth pass!!)
  • Friday, 19th: Breakfast with Mummies event. Opens at 7 am and will serve until 8 am
  • Saturday, 20th: Trunk or Treat--open to the community! 12-3
  • Wednesday, 24th: PTA meeting from 6-7. PLEASE COME! We need your vote on budget items and upcoming activities/projects. Short meeting that follows a strict agenda. Any parent who comes will earn their child a Bridge Builder certificate/sticker (and a chance for a booth pass!!)
  • Thursday, 25th: 1st Grade will have their Grandparents' Day and Program

As you can see, there are many opportunities to come together, and reach out, and give back. Please consider inviting a friend and coming to one of the events!


You may have seen in the news that our ISTEP+ scores are in! Our trend is UP and we are SO thankful for the teachers, students, and families and the ways that they work to help each child grow! We were very pleased with our trends, and look forward to continued success as we work to support every child every day. The hard work in every classroom, with each teacher, is responsible for our observed achievement and the growth we recognized! Our school improvement goals are designed to support each child's development, and we are pleased at our progress.

School Improvement Goals

Our new school improvement goals include 1.) helping children with self-regulation (specifically, ways to stay calm even in difficult times) and 2.) increasing student engagement through critical thinking opportunities. Each month we'll share something you can discuss with your children to support their growth in self-regulation and/or critical thinking. See Mrs. Strawn's article below to explain more about self-regulation.

Look for the Good Campaign

Finally, the Look for the Good Campaign will be kicked-off in November. Watch for all the ways the students will lead us in sharing gratitude and coming together to celebrate the good in our school and in our lives. This campaign has students look for ways they are grateful, people who have made a difference in their lives, and ways they can make a difference in others. This is not a fundraiser, but it will be a way that each family can share--thankfulness, kindness, and "good"ness! Let's Look for the Good together!

Happy Fall,

Katie White


From the Principal Intern

How Can We Help Kids with Self Regulation? Part 2

Last month, we discussed self-regulation and how we can help our children master it. As a review, self-regulation is the ability to manage your emotions and behavior in accordance with the demands of the situation. But what about when you can tell your child does not have their emotions and behaviors managed?

What does emotional dysregulation look like?

Problems with self-regulation manifest in different ways depending on the child

  • Instantaneous — huge, strong reaction and there’s no lead-in or build-up. They can’t inhibit that immediate behavior response.

  • Build Up - distress seems to build up and they can only take it for so long. Eventually it leads to some sort of behavioral outburst. You can see them going down the wrong path but you don’t know how to stop it.

The key for both kinds of kids is to learn to handle those strong reactions and find ways to express their emotions that are more effective (and less disruptive) than having a meltdown.

Practice runs - Dry runs are another way to scaffold self-regulation.

Tantrums in a Store?

*Make a short visit when you don’t need to do serious shopping. Have her practice walking with you, keeping her hands to herself. She gets points towards some goal every time she is successful.

Dr. Rouse says that often parents get discouraged when things don’t go well the first time they try skill-building, but consistency and starting at a level that is appropriate for your child are key. Rather than giving up, try paring down the activity so it is more doable, and slowly give your child more and more independence to handle it.

Brushing Teeth Problem?

*Start by focusing just on putting toothpaste on the brush, and respond with positive feedback and rewards when she does it. Once she’s practiced that a few times, add the next step in the chain.

Getting Out the Door a Problem?

*Target one step at a time. First, say, getting dressed by 7:15. Once she’s mastered that, set a target time for breakfast, and add that. Breaking the chain into small steps allows her to build self-regulation skills in manageable increments.

Counselor's Corner

Hello, families! I hope you have enjoyed the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival! It’s officially fall when the rides go up and we’ve had our fill of fried food, right?

Please join me on October 16th at 7 pm for our first Parent Engagement workshop on Keeping Your Kids Safe Online. Increasingly, in our fast-paced social media and online activity, children have the ability to learn and connect in ways we never dreamed of! However, not all of those connections are safe. According to the website, “Nearly half of young people (47%) have received intimidating, threatening or nasty messages online.” Not only do our kids have to worry about online predators, but they have to consider their digital footprint, potential identify theft, and fend off cyberbullying. We will talk about all of this on the 16th so you can help prepare your children to be safe and considerate digital citizens. We will meet in the Media Center, and this will only last an hour. I look forward to seeing you there!

This month, our student counseling groups started to meet. We will meet for a total of six weeks, one time each week. For our first session, we met to discuss how our emotions feel in our bodies. Being able to identify what feeling we’re experiencing and how it feels in our bodies is the first step to being able to manage those feelings. Most of the students I met with this week were able to tell me how it feels to be angry, sad, happy, or nervous. This is a great skill for all of us to learn so that we can pay attention to the signals our body is sending us.

The week of October 15th, students in 2nd grade who have been identified for high ability assessment will have four testing sessions. Permission slips for that will go home October 10th and must be returned by Monday, October 16th.

Last, but definitely not least, I want to remind you that attendance is very important. A high absentee rate is an indication that a child is at risk of not graduating from high school, and that starts in elementary school. If you child misses a day of school, he misses 90 minutes of reading instruction and 90 minutes of math instruction, in addition to the other subjects students have during the day. That’s very hard to make-up.

Of course, if your child is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has a fever, we want you to keep them home for 24 hours after that has ended so that illness isn’t spread. In that case, it is imperative that you call the school to let us know that your child is absent from school and why. After 10 absences without a doctor’s excuse, we are required to hold a pre-court conference with you to discuss the matter. After that pre-court conference, further absences require sending the student’s name to the county judge who will then contact you to come see him for further intervention. Not only is attendance good for your student’s success, it is the law. So, if you need assistance with this, please contact me.

Have a great October full of all things fall and Halloween!

4th and 5th Grade Girls Volleyball Team

Kambrie Bradfield

Abri Dwyer

Lillan Horne

Sidney Kieffner

Dez'NyAnya Marian

Hayden Nau

Atley Osborne

Autumn Pennell

Ellasynn Pickard

Mackenzie Rolley

Kirsten Bailey

Jayci Bradtmiller

Jordan Georgette

Faythe Hochstetler

Kendall Kaiser

Taylor Martin

Paige Mullis

Ava Nunning

Reese Parsons

Madison Presley

Jerzi Shirel

Anika Smith

Mackenzie Stephens

Brooklyn Wright

2018-19 West Terrace Cheer Team

Alivia Westerfield

Ava Leeds

Brooke Rockers

Brylee Becher

Cameron Woodruff

Dezi Martin

Ella Morton

Ella Shoobridge

Ellasynn Pickard

Gracie Rush

Haven Barton

Isabella Cline

Jaliyah Robinson

Jillian Schaefer

Kambrie Bradfield

Kinley Minnette

Lauren Tillotson

Lida Wayne

Lily McKim

Mackenzie George

Maysa Lawrence

Mia Hagan

Morgan McClain

Reese Parsons

Sadey Jones

Savannah Johnson

Sophie Engler

Stella Corressell


Our black top is burning away with our walkers this year. It’s the end of September and I’m happy to announce that we have two third graders that have reached over 20 miles already. They are working hard to reach their goals.

Parker Jourdan 23 miles, 2 laps Mrs. Scheu Bristol Head 22 miles, 1 lap Mrs. Bass

Please remind your child that group pictures will be coming up in a few months. Our walkers must reach 5 miles to qualify to be in the group photo for the year book. They should plan to get their 5 miles by December. I will be counting the total miles of each student the weekend before group picture day.

It takes 8 laps around the drive to make one mile and 40 laps to reach 5 miles. Here are a few of scenarios to help see how easy it can be to get five miles.

§ If a student starts with 0 laps and walks 1 lap a day for 40 days, they will have 5 miles.

§ Starting with 0 laps and a student walks 4 laps a day for 10 days, they will have 5 miles.

§ If a student already has 2 miles and walks 2 laps a day for 12 days, it would give them a total of 5 miles.

They are welcome to come up with their own method to get their laps and reach 5 miles. They will also receive a foot token for reaching 5 miles. Ask your child if they are walking and how many laps or miles they have. If your child isn’t walking, encourage them to walk with a friend. This is nice to see for they can encourage each other. When walking with a friend, the time seems to go faster and makes it easier to reach goals.

Mrs. Tammy Jewell

POP Coordinator

Breakfast with Mummies October 19 and Trunk or Treat October 20

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Spooky Fun coming soon!

Get those Trunk or Treat ideas flowing--it is just around the corner! We have so much fun at this event, and it's open to the public. Invite your friends! Trunk reservations were due Friday, but if you would like a spot, please contact Leeanne at as soon as possible! More trunks=more fun for our children!

"Wrap" up your week and kick the weekend off right by joining your child for breakfast on the Friday before the Trunk! Our Breakfast with Mummies is always a "BOO"st to your day!! Opens at 7 am and will serve treats until 8:00.

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West Terrace needs substitute teachers!!!! If you are interested please go to and complete the application process, then send us an email and let us know your availability! You can specify that you'll only work at West Terrace, or that you only take pre-arranged jobs so YOU control how you're contacted! No early morning phone calls if you wish to avoid that. Other schools are in need, too, so if you'd consider working at any school, the opportunities are endless.

We need teacher subs, assistant subs, nurse subs, secretary subs.

This is an urgent need- please consider becoming a substitute teacher, assistant, secretary, or nurse!

Recycling News

Please remember that you can recycle aluminum cans here at West Terrace!! The aluminum recycle cage is parked in the east parking lot right next to the recycle dumpster. We ask that you put only cans in the cage. Every penny we earn from the cans comes right back to our school!

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Community Outreach


President: Nora Walsh

Vice-President of Community & Service: Stephanie Yellig

Vice-President of Membership & Fundraising: Amanda Hooper

Secretary: Janell Pycior

Treasurer: April Weyer



Mrs. Katie White, Principal

Mrs. Denise Strawn, Principal Intern

Ms. Johanna Druen, Counselor

Mrs. Sheryl Moore, Secretary to Principal

Mrs. Nicole Smith, Secretary

Mrs. Christine Hamilton, Nurse


Mrs. Wendy Brunson (Asst: Mrs. Angie Cree)

Mrs. Jessica Mayer (Asst: Mrs. Julia Rust)

Mrs. Angela Hayes (Asst: Mrs. Brandi Dore)

Mrs. Tara Kolb (Asst: Mrs. Julie Bradley)

First Grade

Mrs. Brooke Corressell (Asst: Mrs. Lisa Duncan)

Mrs. Cindy Evans (Asst: Mrs. Shelly Kremer)

Miss Megan Murphy (Asst: Mrs. Tammy Jewell)

Ms. Amanda Woods (Asst: Mrs. Valerie Polage)

Ms. Patricia Frayer

Second Grade

Mrs. Cassie Curl

Mrs. Carie Kingery

Miss Amy Nau

Mrs. Trish Kavanaugh

Mrs. Lindsey Rolley

Third Grade

Mrs. Courtney Rueger

Mrs. Robin Bass

Mrs. Stephanie Scheu

Ms. Jennifer McSheehy

Mrs. Renee Schefer

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Kitten McClain

Miss Alexis Nelson

Mrs. Lindsey Stine

Mrs. Shelly Deweese

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Simone Nance
Mrs. Amanda Kellen

Miss. Lauren Erk

Mr. Marty Dwyer

Specials/Rotation Teachers

Mrs. Peggy Davis

Mrs. Susan Kemper

Mrs. Nadine Risley

Mrs. Anne Woodruff

Special Education

Ms. Elizabeth Ray, SLP

Mrs. Shelley Patton

Mrs. Renae Jackson

Courtney Giesman

Dava Tenbarge

Holly Tyring

Support Staff

Mrs. Kristi Schuster, School Psychologist

Mrs. Gail Lashley, Cafe Manager

Mrs. Kim Sitzman, Media Specialist

Mr. Micheal Feagley, Flex Assistant

Mrs. Niki Lynn, Extended Day Coordinator

Fine Arts-Instrumental

Ms. Leslie Dubiel, SPARK

Mr. Cameron Vile, PH Band

Mr. Adam Clark, PH Orchestra


Mrs. Cindy Catt, Head Custodian

Mr. Marshall Thomas

Mr. Billy Bell

Reitz District Support

Mr. Todd Slagle Reitz Attendance Director of School Support

Mrs. Erin Diehl Achievement Coach

Mrs. Katie Ritter Data Coach

Mrs. Laurie Mullins Special Education Coordinator

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