why do hindus celebrate Diwali ?

how and why hindus celebrate diwali by jasmine moore

Diwali the festival


Diwali,the festival of light is one of the most popular celebration celebrated by hindu's (diwalli is like christmas for the hindu's).They celebrate the festival with the moral light defeats darkness or good defeats bad,they also welcome the Godess Lakshmi into their homes to grant them wealth.This festival has great sigificance towards hindu's.Read on to find out why hindu's celebrate Diwali and how.

Diwali is a festival that last up to five days depending on the lunar calendar and is usally in the months of October and November and is celebrated by lighting small oil lamp and putting them around houses,shops and streets. The word Diwali means rows of lighted lamps and that is what exactly what happens on Diwali.Long ago diwali was celebrated to the welcoming of Sita and her husband Rama back to the land of Ayodhya( read on to find out about the legend)

The people of the land wanted Rama and Sita to be king and queen but the current Queen was very jealous and sent them to the forest for 14 long years.Sita and rama lived in the forest for a while but the ten headed demon ,named Ravan ,wanted to marry Sita for himself. He hatched a plan to kidnapp Sita.He turned one of his devils into a golden deer .When Sita approached it the devil took its real form and took Sita to the dark lord and placed her on a golden chariot and rode off to the island of the ten headed demon but luckily she dropped her scalf, earrings and bracelts so they could follow her trail.Rama was very worried and asked the monkey king (Hanuman) to look for her. The bears and monkeys offered to help aswell. Hanuman found her on the island and promised she would be saved. Rama couldnt get to the island so the monkeys made a bridge. Then there was a big fight, the demon and the devils fought hard but Rama beat them all by shooting an arrow into Ravans' heart.when they arrived back there it was a dark night so the citizens lit the street with lamps and fireworks so they could help them see.

how to celebrate

To celebrate you are going to need:


colurful sand

a hindu temples



small fireworks


  1. early in the morning vist a hindu temples and pray to the gods.
  2. With colourful sand make bright flower patterens(rangloies) on the path to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into your home.
  3. Prepare food for later on the night to give to your neighbours.
  4. Start making salt dough lamps to fill the house and garden with.
  5. At night on the day of the diwali spend your time outside letting off fireworks and sparklers
  6. Have a great time and enjoy the fun
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