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Dear Cherry Valley Families,

One of my favorite books to work with in the classroom was Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young which is a sweet retelling of the story of the blind man and the elephant in which the mice come to see the elephant as many things from many perspectives (a rope, a pillar, a snake etc.) and the moral of the story is “Knowing in part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole.” I have come back to this story many times this year in cycles of new ways of knowing.

First and foremost it has been such an honor to see our school from the perspective of teacher, mother and now principal; from each angle I know and love this school more and more, through and through. The story has been helpful in problem solving everything from playground issues, to patience with pandemic protocols to perspective taking on all the world's woes. Students, staff and all of you have continued to revise, recreate, rethink and relearn with resilience, joy and gratitude for all that we have together.

What are some of your favorite memories from this year? Slime, walks on the nature trail, listening conversations, blue block magic, our first family day picnic on the playground, Variety Show, sleeping in a tent, Open House, celebrating our 8th graders and planning for our transitional kindergartners are a few of mine. Thank you all for the part you play in this story. Rest up, have a wonderful Summer and keep in touch.

Well wishes and gratitude,

Liza Eichert

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Congratulations 8th Graders! We are so proud of you!

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Year-Round School Calendar 2022-23 (MCCV and Penngrove)

Traditional School Calendar 2022-23

MCCV Family Google Calendar

Look Here For More Information About MCCV School Events, Meetings, and Zoom Links

Next Newsletter: July 15, 2022

Thursday, July 21

8:20am, Welcome to MCCV! First Day of 2022-2023 School Year

Thursday, July 21

8:15-9:30am, Welcome Coffee (Sponsored by PTA) - Lodge

Friday, July 22

5:30-7:30pm, Back to School Ice Cream Social (Sponsored by PTA) - Quad


July 26 - PCS Board of Education Meeting

July 27 - Back to School Night (Grades TK-3)

July 28 - Back to School Night (Grades 4-8)

July 29 - FCVL Fundraiser: Back to School Concert with Sean Hayes at Griffo Distillery

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MCCV Places Third Overall in Westside Relays For Large Schools - Congratulations to our 5th and 6th Grade Cheetah Athletes!

Special Congratulations to:
  • Lucy Howell - Outstanding Performer 6th Grade Girls
  • 2nd Place Overall - MCCV 6th Grade Girls

Maker Space Support Team

Can you help us sort, organize, move materials the last two weeks of school, this summer? Do you have any making talents to share in the coming year? Want to form a committee? Please let us know your availability and interest by completing the survey linked here. So excited to get this dream in motion!

MCCV Summer Reading - Frida Kahlo!

Join Us!

This summer we are excited to invite our whole school to read and learn about artist Frida Kahlo. As a school, we are reading:

Me, Frida written by Amy Novesky (a picture book biography)

Who Was Frida Kahlo? written by Sarah Fabiny

Who was Frida Kahlo?

Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a Mexican artist best known for her self-portraits. Her paintings are strongly influenced by Mexican folk culture, and use lots of bright colors and dramatic symbolism.

For Those Who Requested Books - They Went Home With Your Oldest Student Today

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June Garden News

We closed this school year in the garden with our Calendula Garden Salve. Each garden student gets to go home with a jar of salve this summer. We started off seeding the garden with Calendula in January, and by March we were collecting calendula flowers so that we would have enough dried flowers to make the salve. In April everyone participated in tasting the delicious fresh petals while learning about plants that are safe to eat and others that are toxic. At the beginning of May Sarah and the garden students worked on pouring sunflower oil over the jars of dried calendula flowers so they could macerate into a beautiful herbal oil great for healing burns and scrapes of any kind. In the last weeks of school students have been pressing out their herbal oil, adding beeswax, and jarring up their beautiful calendula salve to take home.

Now that we are all going on break for summer, we are asking for volunteers to help water the garden. If you’re interested in helping on any level, please contact Garden Coordinator Heather Gallagher (707) 387-7192, or Garden Teacher Sarah Koniak at We also have a signup sheet on the garden shed where volunteers can log their hours and location of time spent watering so we all know where to dedicate our time watering. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read the newsletter and considering watering the garden this summer. It's preferred to have volunteers water between 5:00pm and 8:00am to minimize evaporation. Feel free to ask questions. So far we have every Monday and Wednesday for June and July covered, and we invite you to come see the watering process on a Monday or Wednesday if you're interested.

In other news, Petaluma Bounty has donated 100 tomato plants that we have repotted into 4" pots. All of the tomatoes are different varieties of slicers. Thank you Petaluma Bounty for this wonderful donation to our garden.

In Gratitude,

Heather Gallagher and Sarah Koniak

Would You Like to See More Languages at MCCV? Join us!

Would you like to join a group of parents and school educators working towards bringing in more languages and cultures to the MCCV campus next school year? E-mail April Derby to be included in upcoming happenings and our first meeting of the 2022-23 school year!

Summer Tip:

Free Language Learning Resources for Kids (and Adults) at Sonoma County Library

(FREE-Every PCS student already has a StudentOne Public Library Card)

(How To Find Your Student's ID Number in AERIES)

The Sonoma County Library has several language-learning and exposure resources for children in everything from Spanish to Chinese to German that are free for all card holders. (You can apply for a free library card here.) They have many on-site resources like bilingual books, CDs and DVDs - ask the children's librarian to show you the section where they're kept. There are also a few Spanish story times listed on their events page.

With your library card you also get online access to two other great resources:

1) Mango Languages, the language learning service that has online lessons in 60 languages. Using your library card number, you can create your own Mango account to access the lessons for free. They're created for adults, but the beginning levels are great for kiddos.

2) Hoopla Digital, an online streaming service with ebooks, music and video content. They have a lot of Spanish for Kids ebooks, Little Pim language lesson videos in Spanish, Italian, French and many other languages you can find through the search function. All you need is your library card number to create an account and then you can access all the content for free on their app.

Collaborative Stop Motion Video From Ms. Pellkofer's Class

Orange A Stop Motion Movie
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Cherry Valley Cares Middle School Students Doing Good!

This year, the students of the middle school Cherry Valley Cares PBL (Project Based Learning) class have done a lot, all for the single goal of making the world a little bit better. Throughout the year, the students in this class met up on Wednesdays to make plans for different fundraisers they would like to do. These fundraisers were meant to help people, animals, and the environment. Below are some of the things this group accomplished this school year.

WORLD KINDESS DAY 2021 - students wrote positive, thankful, and kind messages on sticky notes and left them in places around the MCCV campus for students and teachers to see.

COTS GOODS DRIVE - This drive gathered necessary items for people in need in our community. They collected 34 blankets, 131 toiletry Items, and 231 canned/packaged food items and delivered them to COTS.

DECEMBER TORNADOS IN KENTUCKY, TENNESSEE - Donation boxes were placed in middle school classes before the winter break. We collected $128.75 and donated it to Convoy of Hope.

BAKE SALES - A group of students organized monthly bake sales to raise money for various organizaations.

  • FEBRUARY - $455.25 - North Bay Animal Shelter

  • MARCH - $633.50 - COTS

  • APRIL - $379.25 - Friends of the Petaluma River, Petaluma River Park

  • JUNE - $280 - American Childhood Cancer Organization

UKRAINIAN RELIEF - students made buttons, gave sunflower starts & collected over $1,150 in donations given to World Central Kitchen.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOOD DRIVES - more than 75 middle school students worked shifts at monthly food drives at Petaluma Market. $26,233 in food donations and cash was raised for Food for Thought

Thank you to all our awesome donors and everyone who supported our efforts. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without you.

Petaluma Police Department Launches Safe Space Program

How To Participate (English)

How to Participate (Spanish)

Dear Community Partners,

Thank you in advance for your support.

The City of Petaluma and the Petaluma Police Department are proud to announce the launch of the Safe Space Program which stands as a symbol that hate, of any kind, is not tolerated in Petaluma.

Understanding the importance of community participation in increasing public safety, the Safe Space program provides a location for anyone who is a victim of a hate crime or feels threatened, to enter and call the police for assistance immediately. Local businesses, schools, places of worship, and not-for-profit organizations who want to participate in this anti-hate program can receive a free decal to display. By displaying the decal for the community to see, the Safe Space locations agree to protect individuals by:

● Allowing victims to enter and remain at their premises until the Petaluma Police arrive

● Calling, or assisting victims in contacting 9-1-1 immediately to report hate crimes

● Instructing all employees or volunteers to assist victims and/or witnesses in this protocol

“As public safety servants our mission is to create a safe and inclusive community where everyone feels safe and welcome. This anti-hate program is another great example of the Petaluma community coming together in the name of community safety regardless of where you are from, what language you speak, what religion you believe in, or who you love,” said Chief of Police Ken Savano.

Modeled off the success of similar programs in other cities, the Safe Space program was first launched in Seattle in 2015 by a police officer who was a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Now over 300 agencies across the country have leveraged a Safe Space program to ensure that hate crimes are fully reported and responded to by authorities with respect and equity. While the Safe Space program highlights the LGBTQIA+ community logo, this critical program applies to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or age. Safety for all is at the heart of what the program stands for in our community. This powerful program will help ensure that anyone who feels as if they are a victim of a hate-crime knows that local law enforcement agencies are behind them ready to protect and serve.

This program was developed with input from the Petaluma community and all levels of police personnel. “As a police officer and proud member of the LGBTQ community, I’m excited for this program. It is important to show that we welcome, support, and protect all members of our community. It can be hard enough trying to figure out who you are in life but when who you are is part of a marginalized group, it can create new fears or struggles. I hope that this program ensures all people feel at ease and protected from hate,” said Petaluma Police Officer Morgan Rasmason.

During the entire month of June, which is also Pride month, the Petaluma Police Department is illustrating their dedication to safety for all by encouraging staff (both sworn and civilian) to wear Pride lapel pins and patches. In addition, Petaluma Police vehicles will sport Pride magnets and the newly created Pride police patch will be sold to raise funds to be donated to LGBTQ Connection Sonoma County, a local organization that supports safety and wellness.

Jennifer Pritchard added, “As the Community Engagement Liaison at the Petaluma Police Department, I honor that increasing public safety for all means building genuine relationships and trust with those we serve. My personal relationships with family, close friends, and colleagues who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community makes this anti-hate campaign especially important. The Safe Space program is our agency telling the community that we are here for you. It is extremely empowering to see the support from individuals in the agency, and in the community, who are not of the LGBTQIA+ community, but understand the value of the message the Safe Space program relays to the public.”

To sign up, local organizations can visit to receive a decal. The Petaluma Police Department Safe Space program aims to enroll 500 local organizations by June 30. Please join us in this campaign to help ensure everyone feels safe and supported in our community.

You can also find a video of the Chief of Police discussing the program here as well as social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Mentor Me Petaluma Needs Adult Mentors

Have You Ever Considered Being A Mentor?

Did you know one in three young people do not have a mentor?

Nationwide, that means today approximately 16 million youth, including nine million at-risk youth, will reach age 19 without ever having a mentor.

At PPSC Mentor Me, we have over 120 students on our waitlist. We have seen firsthand the power of mentorship. It only takes one caring adult to make a difference in the life of a young person. Ready to be part of the mentor effect? If so, sign up to be a mentor today! Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them. As a volunteer mentor, you walk alongside a young person to let them know they matter! Please see our flyer or visit our website to learn more:


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