Not the Dogs Fault

By Sydney Farbotnik

In American we have been dealing with to many dogs in are shelters for years. It's time we find a ethical solution to this problem. Most dogs are unwanted pets that were dumped on the streets or takin the shelter. We should make owners and breeders responsible for these dogs entire life. No Matt where they end up.

Each year 3.9 million dog get put in a shelter and of those dogs 1.2 million are euthanized. That equals one dog euthanized every 26 seconds! It also costs a lot of money to shelter dogs. The Sterling Shelter estimates the cost of sheltering a dog at $225. That means the total cost to shelter a dogs in a year is over 877 million dollars. We have to be more responsible

We need to make these owners and breeders responsible through education. I mean online tutorials,books or online classes and you must pass to get a dog. Some of the best online classes or tutorials are: , , and You should get your dog or dogs spayed or neutered to control pet over population.
The dog owners and breeders should be more responsible for their dog or dogs. The breeder should have to set money aside if the dog ends up in a shelter. There should be a limit to breeding dogs to avoid puppy mills. You should also pay to put a dog in a shelter. That money would help the dogs through life.
One problem is can do whatever they want with their pet. Some people don't like being told what to do. Some people think that since dogs aren't humans they don't here to be treated like them. Then there's the possibility of hunting dog and sled dogs. Those dogs have a job so they are not just pets, and this argument doesn't apply to these dogs because those dogs are tools not just pets.
In conclusion if dog owners were more responsible in the beginning we would have less dogs, in the overcrowded shelters. Also if we did this there would be money to take care of pets in shelters. Just because puppies are doesn't mean you need one. But if you get a puppy choose a shelter not a breeder.
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