Middle Eastern Food-Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian cuisine

Saudi Arabian meals

Rice, chicken, lamb, wheat, and yogurt are the basis of most Saudi Arabian meals. Meals are served in a very organized manner, so to not mix the flavors of the meal. This makes for a very unique style of cooking. Some meals are a layer of ingredient like kabsa.
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Meal structure

Saudi Arabians use many ancient ingredients in their foods. This includes adas bil hamod (a lentil soup with lemon) and chicken kofta (a meatball with spices and onions inside). Kabsa is a popular meal it is served in either personal portions or a large tubs meant for large gatherings or festivals meant to feed large amounts of people. Kabsa is lamb or chicken based and is stacked with cheese and the meat used. The meat includes the bone and all.
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Table etiquette

Some rules pertaining to meal etiquette are:

1) Women don't often eat with men. If they do, they cannot serve or touch the food served to men.

2) Pork is never served because of religious practices.

3) Alcohol is also never served for religious reasons.

4) Utensils can be used, but many eat with their bare hands. But only one hand - the right.