Chemical Reactions

By: Humberto Vilchis

Hot Ice

Hot Ice

it a liquid that turns into a solid after a touch witch is made of sodium acetate. water, and CO2 . the equation is C2H3NaO2 --> H2O + CO2
BEST How To make HOT ICE tutorial (Sodium Acetate)

Sodium Experiment

Jumping Sodium

A piece of sodium is put in a test and its start to jump inside the test tube. It is a single replacement that the equation is 2Na + 2H2O--> 2NaOH + H2.
Chemistry experiment 11 - Jumping sodium

Gummy Bear Experiment

Gummy Bear

A test tube in filled with potassium chloride witch will help it form a different type of energy, they will need to have glucose and oxygen to make the energy.
Gummy Bear Experiment